Monday, April 11, 2011

Take1 Insurance Announces Coverage Protection For Producers of "Docu-Soap" Television Shows

Underscoring its commitment to meet the needs of all segments of the television and film production market, Take1, the entertainment division of the U.S. Risk Insurance Group, today announced that “Docu-Soaps,” a new and rapidly growing segment of the television production market, are now covered under its DICE (Documentary, Infomercial, Commercial, Educational) package.

Simultaneously, Take1 announced that it is providing coverage for Knoxville, Tennessee-based Jupiter Entertainment’s “Sons of Guns” television show, shown nationally on the Discovery Channel. The show documents the daily business of Red Jacket Firearms, a Louisiana company that manufactures and sells custom weapons and also tests and fixes both classic and state-of-the-art weaponry.

“This show involves people working with live ammunition and even explosives on a daily basis and represents a new and emerging genre (“Docu-Soaps”) of television that presents unique insurance requirements that we contemplate meeting,” said Scott Carroll, Vice President and Program Director of Take1 Insurance. “In a situation where there are constant safety concerns that might worry other providers, Take1, through the specialty entertainment insurance markets it represents, is able to provide the kind of comprehensive insurance protection that allows Jupiter Entertainment to do what they do best — make memorable television programming that networks want to buy and viewers want to watch.”

“As television programming gets edgier and edgier, it tests the limits of what a traditional entertainment insurance program is willing to cover,” said Carroll. “And that’s where Take1 emerges as the television producer’s preferred insurance partner. We understand the nature of the business, the requirements of the show, the potential risks involved there-in and we have the program that takes all of these concerns into account with the result being a comprehensive package of protection that is also affordably priced.”

Because Take1 is squarely focused on both film and television production companies, it has a very clear understanding of the kind of insurance coverage these companies need — anywhere in the world. The Take1 program offers Cast Coverage; Props, Sets & Wardrobe coverage; Negative film and Faulty stock coverage; Third Party Property Damage and coverage for most animals used in filming. The program contemplates stunts; multi-location shoots and multiple days of principal photography.

“When a show involves restoring and testing a World War II flamethrower or building a remote-controlled machine gun, there are obvious concerns about both personal safety and equipment damage,” according to Nathan Kerr, Vice President of Scott Insurance, Jupiter Entertainment’s insurance agent who placed their policy through Take1.

“When I met with Jupiter Entertainment and they told me what the show was about, I knew that we, together with Take1, had properly placed Jupiter with an insurer who could best understand the nature of the show and the careful approach taken by our insured. I knew that Take1 would provide insurance for the production of the show,” said Kerr. “Jupiter came up with a great new idea for a show that is wildly successful, and it never would have gotten off the ground without the coverage that we provided. Scott Insurance, along with with Take1, understood the show’s requirements and delivered a broad and flexible program of coverage that keeps pace with Jupiter’s creativity.”

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