Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Xantech Introduces Web Designer 3.0 Software

Xantech, a leader in the field of audio/video remote control and distribution, today introduced its Web Designer 3.0 software. The new “drag and drop” software allows contractors and system integrators to design their own custom web control pages that can be stored and served up from within Xantech’s WIC1200 Web Intelligent Controller and then exported remotely to any network/web-based control device, like Xantech’s CWTC10 10.4-inch Wireless Touch Controller. Additionally, because the WIC1200 is a network/web-based control device, the custom design web control pages can easily be used on any web-enabled device/tablet, including the popular Apple iPad®.

Last year Xantech introduced the CWTC10, which gave contractors and system integrators a Wi-Fi tablet interface that harnessed all the power within the WIC1200. The launch of the new Web Designer 3.0 software expands on the WIC1200’s functionality, as it easily allows the contractor or system integrator to create stunning web pages that can further tailor the clients’ tablet interface for their specific needs. “For the first time, the integrator can custom-design the display of the interface and add the additional functions the client is requesting,” stated Rick Seegull, Xantech Director of Business Development. “The best part is, because it is drag and drop, our Web Designer software is extremely easy to use, and once the web control page has been designed, it can then be uploaded to the customer’s location remotely.”

About the WIC1200 Web Intelligent Controller and CWTC10 Wireless Touch Controller
The WIC1200 Web Intelligent Controller is a stand-alone room controller for networked/web-based control featuring two IR Ports, two Serial ports, two Contact Closure ports and two Digital I/O ports as well as two Ethernet ports (one with POE) for TCP/IP Telnet control with less intrusion into facility IP networks. On its own, the Web Intelligent Controller is an Event-driven component capable of Timed Events, Calendar Events, Telnet and Serial Events and features a full FTP site, Web server and email server. With its built-in Web server, the WIC1200 is totally iPad-ready without the need for purchasing, installing or setting-up an “app.” When interfaced with Xantech’s CWTC10 10.4” WiFi touchpanel or XTR39 Wireless RF Remote (or Apple’s iPad), the WIC1200 Web Intelligent Controller can send messages back to the touchpanel, allowing for text display, numeric display, volume and indicator bars, ON/OFF indicators and more, for full real-time data display.

Xantech’s CWTC10 10.4” WiFi touch panel is the logical addition to the WIC1200 Web Intelligent Controller. Rounding out the system, the CWTC10 provides a full 10.4” wireless control panel perfect for any Conference Room application. Running Windows CE in Kiosk mode, the CWTC10 provides full PC power with a large full-color vibrant control panel interface. When used with (but not limited to) Xantech’s WIC1200 Intelligent Controller, the CWTC10 is the perfect user interface for controlling A/V Teleconferencing systems with a large but not overbearing easy-to-use 10.4" display. Since it runs on Windows CE and is fully Web capable, the CWTC10 is an ideal platform for utilizing any Macromedia Flash Web-enabled control page, which can be served using the WIC1200 or any Web server on the network. Made of durable water-resistant plastic, the CWTC10 has a built-in kickstand.

Sunfire Awarded U.S. Patent for the StillBass™ Anti-Shake Technology Featured in its SubRosa Subwoofer

Sunfire®, a leader in the design and manufacture of hi-fidelity home theater products, today announced it has been awarded U.S. Patent #7,844,068 by the United States Patent Office for the revolutionary StillBass™ Anti-Shake technology featured in the company’s award-winning ultra-thin Sunfire SubRosa® Subwoofer. First introduced in 2008, the Sunfire SubRosa Subwoofer is the world’s first flat panel subwoofer and was named 2008 Product of the Year by Electronic House, the leading magazine for consumers who are passionate about high quality audio for their home.

In-wall subwoofers used to face a huge hurdle – the drywall would crumble and turn to dust from the constant mechanical vibration. While designing audio components for Sunfire, Bob Carver developed an innovative solution to this problem by utilizing Newton’s Third Law of Motion, using an actuator that moves in opposition to the woofer to virtually eliminate destructive and intrusive mechanical vibration that subwoofers naturally produce. By controlling the subwoofer’s “shake”, StillBass™ technology allows the woofer to be placed in a wide variety of locations rarely considered for high quality bass. The SubRosa can be mounted on a wall, located below a big screen TV, behind a couch or under a bed and yes, even inside the wall. This newly patented technology is only available from Sunfire, and at the moment, only in the SubRosa Subwoofer.

“Sunfire’s patented StillBass technology shows that we are committed to delivering the ultimate home audio experience through innovative design and an unparalleled attention to detail,” said Mark Weisenberg, General Manager of Sunfire.

The Sunfire SubRosa subwoofer is a modern marvel, delivering immense bass through dual 10” woofers and combining neodymium magnets with inverted surrounds, resulting in a sealed enclosure with a mind-boggling depth of only 3.75”. The Subrosa In-Room Subwoofer System comes with an external 2,700 Watt Tracking Downconverter™ and features infinitely variable crossover, phase and level controls. The system includes balanced XLR, RCA and speaker level inputs and features auto room correction through use of an included microphone.

The Response Network and Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police (VACP) Announce First Ever Mandatory Online In-Service Course "Commonwealth of Virginia Law Enforcement Legal Updates"

The Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police (VACP), together with The Response Network, today announced the immediate availability of a new online in-service training course called “The Commonwealth of Virginia Law Enforcement Legal Updates and Changes in the Law.” Regular legal training is mandated for all Virginia sworn law enforcement officers. The course is available at, the 100% online in-service law enforcement training portal owned and operated by The Response Network.

The new course makes its debut as the Galax and Covington, Virginia Police Departments join the growing list of Virginia law enforcement agencies turning to The Response Network to meet their online in-service training requirements.

“The Commonwealth of Virginia Law Enforcement Legal Updates and Changes in the Law” is a mandated and highly important Legal Updates course that was architected and managed by Mr. Randy Means, who is Director of Curriculum Development and Quality Assurance for The Response Network, as well as a highly regarded career law enforcement training professional and nationally recognized constitutional law legal scholar. In addition to Mr. Means, The Response Network retained other Virginia-based law enforcement officers whose sub-specialties are legal updates, as well as other current and former Virginia prosecutors highly familiar with the Virginia Legal Updates process.

“The design, quality and value pricing of this course is the first of its kind in the Commonwealth of Virginia,” said Dana Schrad, Executive Director of the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police. “Now officers can have a training tool to call upon 24/7 over an entire year to insure their knowledge on the critical changes in the law are learned and retained.”

“The development of this critically important online legal updates course is a testament to the power of the partnership that exists between the VACP and The Response Network,” explained Bradley J. Naples, President of The Response Network. “We will continue to work closely with the leadership of the VACP to provide an ongoing series of cutting edge, cost-effective online in-service training courses that engage and educate Virginia law enforcement officers.”

In addition to its partnership with the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police (VACP), The Response Network’s training programs are also endorsed by Brit Insurance, The FBI National Academy Associates (FBINAA), the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), and the Association of Public Safety-Communications Officials (APCO).

A growing number of agencies nationwide have adopted The Response Network’s online training program, including metropolitan Detroit Police Department, the Jacksonville, Florida Sheriff's Office, the Saint Augustine, Florida Police Department, the Saint John's Sheriff's Department, the Clayton, Ohio Police Department, the Park Ridge, Illinois Police Department, the Aberdeen, South Dakota Police Department, the Ocean City, Delaware Police Department, the Story County Sheriff's Department in Ames, Iowa, and the Lincoln, New Hampshire Police Department, among others.

The VACP, formed in 1926, is an incorporated non-profit professional association. Its membership of more than 600 is made up of active and retired federal, state, local, campus and private law enforcement and criminal justice agency executives, administrators and managers. Membership also includes persons in law enforcement related businesses, support industries or government agencies. The purpose of the VACP is "to promote the professional development of all executive and management personnel within duly constituted law enforcement agencies in the Commonwealth of Virginia; to encourage close cooperation of all law enforcement agencies in the prevention of crime, detection of crime and the apprehension of those responsible for the commission of crimes; to promote the highest standards of the police profession through selection and training of law enforcement officers and generally pledge and strive for the highest degree of respect for law and order throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia." is owned and operated by The Response Network Inc. The Response Network's mission is to develop and deliver to law enforcement and public safety professionals a complete curriculum of educational courseware that meets their needs for everything from in-service training to degree granting programs. For more information, visit or call 1-877-288-0451.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Northcentral University Introduces New Mental Health Services Policies and Practices Specialization as Part of Its Doctoral Degree Program in Psychology

Global leader in 100% online higher education breaks new ground in offering a six course policies and practices specialization designed to train licensed mental health practitioners and psychologists to provide evidence based treatment and manage the increasingly complex administrative functions of large service organizations.
Underscoring its commitment to provide licensed mental health practitioners and psychologists with an integrated specialization that trains them to provide evidence based treatment while administering the increasingly complex functions of large service organizations, Northcentral University’s School of Behavioral and Health Sciences today introduced a six-course “Mental Health Services Policies and Practices” specialization as part of its doctoral degree program in Psychology. The courses are being offered to Learners effective July 1, 2011.

According to Dr. William E. Reay, who developed the specialization at Northcentral University, “An increasing number of behavioral health service funders are requiring practitioners at all levels to engage in evidence based treatment. At the same time, successful practitioners must be able to professionally administer all of the business and legal functions of today’s complex mental health service organizations. The integrated six-course specialization developed by Northcentral University is totally unique in that it is the only specialization of its kind to combine evidence based treatment and policy administration courses into one six-course specialization.”

The new specialization is available to licensed mental health practitioners, non-licensed professionals that have demonstrated expertise in behavioral health care service and administration, and professionals interested in obtaining a terminal degree as a psychologist. Successful completion of all courses required for the University’s PhD in Psychology, as well as the associated comprehensive examination and dissertation courses will be required. The six courses offered as part of the specialization include:

Mental Health Services Policy
This doctoral-level course examines current Mental Health Services Policy in the United States. Professional service and research issues are explored, and the Learner is exposed to a public health approach to mental health services.

Mental Health Administration and Management
This course covers management concepts such as sustainability, teamwork, corporate responsibility, information management and product development and personal values influence what sort of manager leaders become. This doctoral-level course examines how organizational management interacts with clinical and administrative tasks. The Learner examines these management concepts and explores the mainstream, multi-stream and alternative approaches to the management of clinical situations.

Comparative Analysis of Psychotherapies
In this doctoral-level course the Learner analyzes the complicated issues associated with various contemporary therapies used by behavioral health practitioners. The Learner is exposed to core and peripheral elements of the most commonly used approaches to treating minor and major mental illnesses and behavioral challenges. Methods of therapeutic accountability, clinical feedback and outcome monitoring, which can be used across all therapeutic approaches are also examined.

Evidence-Based Treatments
In this course the complicated issues associated with evidence-based behavioral health practice are examined. The Learner is exposed to practice-oriented material, which will guide the Learner in appraising and using research as part of the evidence-based therapeutic practice process.

Psychology and Finance
This doctoral-level course examines how human psychology influences economic conditions and socio-economic institutions. The Learner explores psychological factors, such as fairness, corruption, bad faith, money illusion, confidence, and stories, and how these factors influence the global economy.

Mental Health and the Courts
The intersection of mental health policy, practice and law is complicated. In this doctoral-level course the Learner is exposed to psycho-legal concepts such as those involved in the use of behavioral health evidence in courts, therapeutic jurisprudence, juvenile delinquency, child abuse and neglect, competency to stay trial, and personal rights.

“The bottom line is this,” emphasized Dr. Reay, “This specialization will assist the competent practitioner in becoming current with the existing practice literature in the area of evidence-based treatments, including the latest developments associated with client and clinician feedback systems; help develop the management and supervisory knowledge necessary to lead complex behavioral health organizations that serve very serious and complicated co-morbid patients; examine financial markets and influences that impact public policy and practice; and work competently with court professionals in the area of disability and forensic mental health services.”

For more information about the new “Mental Health Services Policies and Practices” specialization, prospective Learners should call 1-866-776-0331 to speak with an enrollment advisor.

Xantech Continues to Expand IR Line with Three New Products

Xantech, the company that invented the concept of extended IR control for audio/video systems, today expanded its line of IR products with the introduction of the new CIRP (Projector IR Control), CIRS (Conference Room/Classroom Control) and CIRV (Large Venue IR Control) kits. The announcement was made by Rick Seegull, Xantech Director of Business Development, and further enhances Xantech’s position as the leader in audio/video remote control and distribution.

Developed with direct input from leading contractors and system integrators, Xantech’s new IR systems are specifically designed to address typical challenges facing installers today, including IR operation with plasma or LCD TV’s; interference from CFL (compact fluorescent lighting) and sunlight; and distance limitations within a single kit. These kits are specifically geared for use in classrooms, conference rooms, houses of worship etc., and engineered for the utmost in reliability.

Two of the systems come with an amplified connecting block, which allows the connection of Xantech IR receivers and 10 emitter ports, thus interfacing IR control with the audio/video equipment. Having the amplified connecting block is key for reliable transmission of IR signals over great distances, making sure IR signals are delivered un-obscured to the intended devices. Additionally, each system includes the WallLink™ (WL) in-wall version of Xantech's Universal IR receiver, which is designed to reject interference from Plasma, LCD, LED Displays and Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) from entering the IR signal line. The WL85 or WL95 mounts easily into a single-gang electrical J-Box, is supplied with mounting screws and comes with a Decorator-style insert, allowing the installer to use a Decorator-style wall cover plate. This provides an integrated look for control of A/V equipment behind closed doors or any IR Repeater System that is in close proximity to light sources described above.

The CIRP Projector IR Control kit allows control-accurate IR control of a single projector while giving the operator the flexibility to point the IR remote towards viewing area, rather than directly towards the projector. The WL85 version of the WallLink IR receiver easily installs into a single-gang electrical box, so it can be installed by any electrical contractor and allows for reliable projector control of the user up to 80 feet away from the IR target.

The CIRS Conference/Classroom IR Control kit is designed for control of several audio/video devices that might not necessarily be in one central location. The CIRS comes with the WL85 IR receiver and adds the 79144 amplified connecting block, allowing the installer to extend the emitters up to 100 feet to various locations, thus letting the user control multiple devices in different areas of the room.

The CIRV Large Venue IR Control kit is designed for the installer who needs IR control of the audio/video system, with the IR remote to be operated a great distance from the components and the IR receiver. The CIRV comes with the WL95 and amplified connecting block, which safely allows use of the remote up to 120 feet from the IR target, plus an extra 600 feet of overall distance from the target to the connecting block and 100 feet thereon after, for a total of 700 feet coverage for all of these components. For control of multiple components that are located throughout a very large room, the CIRV provides flawless IR control of the audio/video components.

“Our new IR systems are designed to cover any type of job the installer may be working on,” stated Rick Seegull. “Additionally, because the new CIR IR Control kits are so easy to install and cost effective, integrators and consultants will have no problem making sure some form of Control System can be specified and installed on any A/V conference/classroom system. And most importantly, like all Xantech audio/video control systems, they perform flawlessly.”

Friday, June 24, 2011

"Summer Timer" and the Living's Easy - Sentina's Innovative Timer is the Simplest Way to Track Time Indoors or Outdoors!

With summer in full swing, many outdoor enthusiasts are gearing up for afternoons in the sun, neighborhood barbeques, gardening, and family gatherings. With Datexx’s Sentina Summer Timer, consumers can now easily and affordably track grilling time, tanning minutes, and many other outdoor activities. The Datexx Sentina Summer Timer is available for purchase at for a suggested retail price of only $17.

Conveniently and clearly labeled with 5, 15, 30, and 60-minute time intervals, the Summer Timer is the world’s simplest time regulator. Simply turn the cube to the desired time and let the timing begin while the digital LCD display screen counts down the minutes. When complete, just turn the cube back to zero to stop the beeping timer.

With the Summer Timer, there are no buttons to press or dials to set, giving users a no-fuss means of timing just about anything. Featuring easy-to-read large numbers, the Summer Timer also includes a red LED indicator light on each side to confirm that the timer is in use.

The Sentina Summer Timer’s practical and easy-to-clean design allows users to monitor their time in a variety of outdoor situations. Use as a grill timer for perfectly cooked steaks, to manage sun exposure while tanning, or for keeping track of lawn irrigation systems. Unlike conventional timers or heat-sensitive smartphones, the Summer Timer is suitable for outdoor use, and will not be damaged by UV rays.

In addition to outdoor use, the Sentina Summer Timer is also ideal for timing indoor activities as well. The sturdy plastic construction makes the Summer Timer great for children and seniors, and its fun, modern design is sure to delight users of all ages. From cooking or exercising to napping or working, this simple device is time management at its best.

Headquartered in Kenilworth, New Jersey, Datexx is a leading manufacturer and marketer of innovatively designed, affordably priced consumer and business LED lighting solutions, household, travel, and mobility products that are both energy and cost efficient. For more than 15 years, the company has proudly met the needs of smart consumers seeking smarter living solutions. To date, more than 20-million consumers have joined the Datexx family of satisfied customers.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chicago-Based Systems Integrator Installs World's Largest ELAN g! Home Control System

Chicago-based systems integrator AudioVideo Specialists, LLC has just completed what is believed to be the world’s largest ELAN g! installation in a new 10,000 square foot suburban Chicago home. The homeowners wanted their new house to have all the bells and whistles modern technology could offer, but when they went in search of a home control system they came down with a serious case of sticker-shock. The first systems integrator they spoke with suggested a different control system and gave them a quote of $480,000!

When they went looking for a second opinion, builder Rich Bondarowicz, president of Smart Group, Ltd., recommended Dan Cochenour at AudioVideo Specialists, LLC. Cochenour knows that there is a lot to consider when installing a home control system of this magnitude, from superior functionality and third-party component support, to ease of use and competitive pricing. Using the ELAN g! Home Control System he was able to offer the homeowners a simple-to-use, robust IP-based complete home control solution for a lot less than his competitors.

“This is the largest residential installation we’ve ever done,” said Cochenour, “and it is a glowing showcase of the control muscle that the ELAN g! Home Control System offers. With a system as extensive as this, it’s important that it be easy for the homeowner to operate and adjust. Luckily, the ELAN g! system basically makes whole-home control as simple as adding a contact on your iPhone.”

When all was said and done, the project wound up being the largest ELAN g! installation to date. Every subsystem in the house is integrated with ELAN g! – whole-house audio, video, lighting, HVAC, security, surveillance, motorized window curtains and sheers, irrigation, and even the pool and spa controls. It even includes custom-programmed “Away” and “Home” modes that conveniently set every system in the house to a pre-determined configuration for optimum efficiency and comfort. The ELAN g! system can be accessed through the owner’s three iPhones and two iPads, as well as a multitude of ELAN control interfaces including 12 HR2 remotes, seven TS2 2” in-wall touchpads, two TS7 7” in-wall touch screens and a WT84 8.4” Wireless Tablet with table top cradle.

The house is a media lover’s dream, featuring 11 LG flat panel HDTVs ranging from 32” to 60”, two of which are 3D TVs with LG 3D Blu-ray players and four pairs of 3D glasses each. Many of the TVs are custom-mounted less than an inch off the wall, giving the rooms a clean, uncluttered look. And when they need some fresh air, the family can watch TV year-round in their backyard on a 46” SunBright Outdoor LCD TV, viewable from the pool and spa. Through the ELAN g! system, every TV can access four DirecTV feeds with two DVRs, two networked Sony 400-disc Blu-ray changers and can view eight surveillance cameras located throughout the property.

To complement the ample video system, the house features a total of 54 speakers and seven subwoofers throughout 32 audio zones, including two surround systems, 12 outdoor speakers and two outdoor subwoofers. Each zone can play audio from a dual am/fm tuner, a three terabyte hard drive (enough space for 600,000 songs!), two iPort table-top iPod docking stations located in the kitchen and bar, Pandora internet radio, XM satellite radio, all of the video feeds and the home’s intercom system.

With the push of a button the family room transforms into a complete home theater as a Screen Innovations 106” motorized screen drops from the ceiling and a motorized theater curtain extends across the stairs to block sound from traveling out of the room. The 7.2 surround sound system with in-wall and in-ceiling ELAN and Sunfire speakers and an Optoma HD8600 projector rival the quality of full-scale commercial movie theaters, and trump them in convenience.

Managing a lighting system for a 10,000 square foot house can be challenge, but ELAN g! makes controlling the home’s 80 lighting zones a breeze. The owners can set automatic schedules for indoor and outdoor lighting and check which lights are on from any control interface. There are six motion sensors installed outside the bedrooms and elevator to automatically turn on the hallway lights when they are needed. With a whole-house Vantage lighting system, light switches are replaced by custom-engraved backlit keypads with pre-programmed lighting and entertainment modes. In most of the TV rooms, for instance, hitting the “Media” button on the Vantage keypad turns on the lights, entertainment system and automatically sets it to the correct source.

Security is one of the biggest concerns when living in a home of this size and value, which is why the owners have installed a full-fledged GE security system and surveillance cameras that are accessible and viewable on every TV, iPad and iPhone in the house. The system can also be viewed and controlled from anywhere in the world on an iPhone, iPad or PC using the ELAN g! software, providing the owners with peace of mind when away from home.

According to builder Rich Bondarowicz, the house requires less energy to maintain a comfortable climate than the owners’ former home that was half the size, thanks to ELAN g!’s smart energy monitoring, Energy Star HVAC systems and the inclusion of super-efficient foam insulation in every wall. The house has 18 climate zones controlled with Aprilaire and Tekmar thermostats, which are automated through the ELAN g! Home Control System.

Demonstrating the dedication and skill of Audio Video Specialists, LLC and the flexibility of the ELAN g! Home Control System, Cochenour centralized all the system components in a custom-built temperature-controlled four-rack cabinet. The cabinet features custom TZ locks that are controlled electronically by the g! system, as well as programming that turns on the fans when the cabinet rises above 85 degree Fahrenheit.

The system also includes several custom-programmed features:
  • When the doorbell rings, every TV and speaker in use throughout the house pauses and displays the front door camera and intercom.
  • The outdoor and landscape lighting turns on at dusk and off at dawn, based on the astronomical clock. If any of the home’s sump pumps or ejector pumps should fail, the ELAN g! Control System sends a text message to the homeowner and builder, allowing them to fix the problem before any damage is caused.
  • If any of the equipment racks exceeds a set temperature limit, it will send a text message alert and shut down the AV system for protection.
  • If the security alarm is triggered, the coach and porch lights will flash and the pathway lights will turn on until the system is disarmed.
  • With an “Away” button, the owners can turn off all lights and AV zones with one touch as they walk out the door, and use the “Home” button to turn on pre-configured zones when they return.
Bondarowicz knows that he needs to keep up with building and technology trends to succeed in today’s homebuilding market, so he discusses home automation systems with all of his customers. “Some of my customers do ask about home automation systems, but I make sure to mention it to everyone, especially if they are unfamiliar with the technology,” he said. “And compared with the other home control systems out there, the ELAN g! system has become a favorite because it offers the best mix of a simple-to-use interface, all-encompassing capabilities and overall affordability.”

Available starting at $1860 for a single-room, four sub-system control solution, the ELAN g! Series Control System can be expanded quickly and cost-effectively to enable whole-home control of every room appliance. ELAN g! provides users with the most uniform and intuitive icon-based control from their favorite devices, including TVs, touch screens, touchpads, PCs, iPhones, and iPads. The standardized interface works across platforms, so that the trendy g!Mobile app users love on the iPhone appears and works similarly on ELAN touch screens, valets and handheld remotes as well as users' televisions and mobile devices. And the system's IP backbone makes it just as easy to control the system from across the room - or across the globe.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Xantech Honors APA Music & Pictures With Two-Millionth Installation Acknowledgement

On June 15, 2011, at the InfoComm show in Orlando, Florida, Xantech presented Bensalem, Pennsylvania-based firm APA Music & Pictures, Inc. with a special plaque commemorating the two-millionth installation of Xantech products and thanking them for their years of Xantech use. The recent installation was performed at Mount Laurel, New Jersey’s Twelve Thousand Building Conference Center, housing training room and boardroom spaces for TD Bank. Xantech products, including the WIC1200 Web Intelligent Controller and CWTC10 10.4-inch Wireless Touch Controller, now form the foundation for the A/V distribution in several rooms in the building. APA has a long history as Xantech users, and they have been proud to push ahead with putting Xantech’s newest technologies to good use. The ceremony was attended by APA’s VP of Sales and Production Dave Pedemonti; Xantech President Graham Hallett; and Xantech Director of Business Development Rick Seegull.

Pedemonti stated, “We are very proud to have completed Xantech’s two-millionth installation, and we thank them for this honor. Xantech and our firm have a long relationship, and we use their products whenever we can, because what it really boils down to is value for dollar. It is great to be here with Xantech management celebrating our achievements together.”

Xantech President Graham Hallett stated, “We sincerely thank APA Music & Pictures, and all of our other valued integrator partners, for consistently choosing Xantech to build the systems that make things work. For 40 years Xantech has worked closely with custom installers and consultants to develop unique insights into the design, integration and control of a wide variety of A/V systems in every conceivable kind of commercial and residential installation. This is why so many designers and installers begin and end every project with Xantech. We are proud of our accomplishments, and we are proud to have great firms like APA Music & Pictures in our corner.”

For more information, please visit

MidwichHome Features The Brands Of The AVC Group At The 2011 CEDIA Home Technology Event

MidwichHome, the newly appointed exclusive United Kingdom distributor of the brands of The AVC Group will be showcasing UK market product introductions from ELAN Home Systems, Niles Audio, Xantech, Sunfire, and ATON at the 2011 CEDIA Home Technology Event, 28-30 June, 2011. The introductions will be made and displayed at MidwichHome’s Stand B7, at the ExCeL London.

Lee Hooker, sales manager for MidwichHome, said: “We are proud to present these iconic custom installation brands to the United Kingdom market. The AVC brands provide professional installers with industry-leading audio, video and control solutions for residential applications, and through this exclusive partnership we are pleased to establish Midwich as the UK’s leading source for custom home electronics installations.”

Product Introductions from the brands are as follows:

ELAN Home Systems will announce that its ELAN g! Series Home Control System is available for immediate delivery to UK customers with built-in multi-language support. ELAN will also be introducing its “Killer Combo” control solution, which combines the award-winning HR2 multimedia-and-home-control remote with the new HC4 four sub-system Home Controller into one affordably priced packaged solution. Also ELAN will introduce two new system controllers to its family of on-wall, can-mount, and rack-mount controller series that feature integrated serial ports, IR ports, relays, sense inputs, and audio outputs — the new ELAN HC4 and HC8 System Controllers which are available for delivery within 30 days.

NILES Audio will introduce the third generation of its DS Directed Soundfield Ceiling-Mount Loudspeaker line and the new ICS Ceiling Mount Loudspeaker lineup. Niles will also announce that it is now shipping the IntelliControl ICS IM-NET Module, the latest in the growing family of source integration modules for the GXR2 MultiZone Receiver. IM-NET plays popular digital music file formats stored on the home’s network and streams music from Internet radio services.

Xantech will debut its Quick Configuration software installation/configuration mode for its MX88 IP-enabled multi-zone audio/video controller. By employing Quick Configuration software, the installer can instantly configure the MX88 for multiple zones and sources throughout a residence without the need of an external computer to program the system. The MX88 can be used to control every aspect of the home theater including audio/video, lighting and drapes. Additionally, it can be programmed to control the air conditioning/heating system, home security and video surveillance cameras.

Sunfire will be unveiling its powerful yet budget-friendly Dynamic Series of subwoofers, in 8”, 10” and 12” models. Tuned for both low frequency Home Theater Effects and powerhouse musical bass lines, these new subwoofers boast up to 600 Watts Peak Power. Also being introduced is the Sunfire Universal Wireless Subwoofer Kit. Comprised of a receiver and transmitter, the Kit is compatible with any third-party manufacturer’s powered subwoofer and eliminates new wires — making the placement of a subwoofer anywhere in a room easier than ever before.

ATON will be introducing to the UK market the industry’s first pre-programmed Whole House “Music & More” System, the ATON AH66T Kit. The new kit features the AH66T Multi-Source Multi-Zone Controller plus six (6) OLED2 touchpads that offer full-color graphic control and feedback. With built-in programming to run market leading sources like the iPort® and Lutron™ RadioRA®2, the affordable multi-room audio solution allows dealers to rapidly deploy a first-time or add-on audio system with iPod® & lighting control capability ready to go.

About MidwichHome:
Established in January 2011, MidwichHome is the home technology division of Midwich, the UK’s leading trade-only distributor of AV, IT and consumer electronics.

Midwich was named Specialist Distributor of the Year at the Channel Awards 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, and AV Distributor of the Year at the AV Awards 2003, 2006, 2008 and 2009. Midwich won the Microscope ACE Award for AV Distributor of the Year 2008, 2009 and 2010 and Logistics Team of the Year 2010. The business is currently ranked 174 on the Times Top Track 250 of private mid-market companies. To find out more, visit

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Xantech Products Are Winners in Two Categories For The Commercial Integrator BEST Awards

Yesterday, at the InfoComm show in Orlando, Florida, Commercial Integrator magazine named its honorees for their annual BEST Awards. Xantech was chosen to be twice acknowledged: its MX88 Multi-Zone Audio/Video Controller won the Audio Distribution Systems category, and the WIC1200 Web Intelligent Controller tied for first place in the Remote Controls category.

The winners were selected by a panel of industry experts, integrators and the editors of Commercial Integrator to join an exclusive group of products deemed the most noteworthy. The products will be featured in the publication’s July/August issue and online.

Xantech President Graham Hallett stated, “Xantech has always been a leading choice for contractors and system integrators, and to be acknowledged by our peers is the highest honor. From IR to IP, Xantech continues to offer the most comprehensive and intuitive product line, providing solutions that make users’ lives easier. Whatever your system components, you turn it on. We make it work.”

About the MX88 Multi-Zone Audio/Video Controller
The MX88 allows a user to control an entire Xantech multi-zone audio/video system using an Apple iPad®. An integrated audio/video distribution and control tour-de-force, the network-ready MX88 combines a 50W x 16-channel/8-zone amplifier and highly efficient auto-sensing universal power supply with advanced automation control capable of up to 16 Serial ports with the use of Xantech’s RS232 1x8 serial routers, and 17 selectable IR ports, as well as IP communication and two-way interface with an iPhone®, iPod® touch or iPad. Xantech’s iPad integration approach uses an existing WiFi network to interface the MX-series controller to the iPad (or any networked web-browsing device), serving up a web application embedded in the MX88’s architecture. System control and status monitoring can all be accessed within a wired or wireless immediate LAN environment, or remotely over the Internet. Full metadata, menu navigation and even content graphics and album art are all transitioned from media source to the iPad through the Xantech audio/video controller itself. The unit’s Quick Configuration software mode allows the installer to instantly configure the MX88 for multiple zones and sources throughout a residence without the need of an external computer to program the system.

About the WIC1200 Web Intelligent Controller
Xantech’s WIC1200 Web-Intelligent Controller is a standalone room controller for networked/web-based control featuring two IR Ports, two Serial Ports, two Contact Closure ports and two Digital I/O ports as well as two Ethernet ports (one with POE) for TCP/IP Telnet control with less intrusion into facility IP networks. On its own, the WIC1200 is an Event-driven component capable of Timed Events, Calendar Events, Telnet and Serial Events and features a full Web server, email server and FTP server for storage and backup of files. With its built-in Web server, the WIC1200 is totally iPad®-ready without the need for purchasing, installing or setting up an “app.” When interfaced with Xantech’s CWTC10 10.4” WiFi touchpanel or any Xantech hardwired touchpanel, the WIC1200 Web Intelligent Controller can send messages back to the touch-panel allowing for text display, numeric display, volume and indicator bars, ON/OFF indicators and more, for full real-time data display. The IP port allows each room to be accessible on the facilities IP network for status display, remote centralized control and remote diagnostics.

For more information, please visit

Monday, June 13, 2011

TD Bank Conference Center Location in Mount Laurel, New Jersey is Xantech's Two Millionth Installation

Mount Laurel, New Jersey’s Twelve Thousand Building Conference Center houses training room and boardroom spaces for TD Bank, and recently Bensalem, Pennsylvania-based firm APA Music & Pictures, Inc., through McHenry Creative Services, was charged with installing A/V control systems in the bank’s spaces. The project marks the two millionth installation of products from Xantech (InfoComm Booth 1255), a leader in the field of audio/video remote control and distribution, and further underscores the company’s position as the preeminent manufacturer of A/V control solutions. APA’s VP of Sales and Production, Dave Pedemonti, along with Lead Programmer Bob Balan and the rest of their team, selected control solutions from Xantech. APA has a long history as Xantech users, and they have been proud to push ahead with putting Xantech’s newest technologies to good use.

Xantech products, including the WIC1200 Web Intelligent Controller and CWTC10 10.4-inch Wireless Touch Controller, now form the foundation for the A/V distribution in several rooms in the building. Pedemonti stated, “We had a few different rooms – the boardroom space and training room spaces – and they needed to be ready for everything from PowerPoint presentations to audio and video conferencing. Obviously, we were dealing with multiple connectivity, and Xantech’s technology, which is based on IP addresses for different devices, was the clear choice. The CWTC10 is the ideal interface – it has a large touchscreen that is easy to read and operate, and it is wireless, so it can be moved around to whoever is running a meeting or training sessions. This is far preferable to an in-wall box.”

Pedemonti continues, “When we decided on Xantech products for this installation and reached out to them, they shipped us the units right away, and we worked together closely through the installation phase. Now we have four of those CWTC10’s up and running, and they have worked perfectly. The client is very happy, and we are happy to once again choose Xantech solutions for a key installation.”

APA’s relationship with Xantech goes back several years. Mr. Pedemonti stated, “We were probably one of the first A/V companies to really start working with the technology that they created. Through the years, we have been involved in beta testing for some of their new products, getting a good sense of the best ways to put these groundbreaking technologies to good use, and giving our input back to them. That’s a great approach – letting real users in the field give feedback on the product and help make it the best it can be. We’ve been lucky to forge such a strong relationship with Xantech, and we use their products whenever we can. And thinking of what Xantech’s competitors offer, what it really boils down to is value for dollar – we can install the CWTC10’s for about a quarter of the cost of a comparable product from other competitors, and plus, the CWTC10 is actually a far more versatile control device, because you can control so many different types of things. Additionally, we were able to design and implement the customized web control page using Xantech’s new Web Designer 3.0 Software. They have helped us create some very outside-of-the-box installations, and we’re extremely proud to be their two millionth installation. We, look forward to utilizing their products for years to come.”

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hanscom Air Force Base and Boston Police to Demonstrate Groundbreaking Technology at Premier Nationwide Homeland Defense and Security Event

BOSTON, Mass. - In a National simulated demonstration, US, U.K. and Canadian Special Forces raid an insurgent hide-out in Afghanistan and uncover critical information about a terrorist plot that may involve a chemical terror attack planned at or near Hanscom Air Force Base and millions in the greater Boston area may be at risk. With field radios in hand, special operators 9,000 miles away in a distant land instantly communicate with Hanscom Air Force Base Security, Boston Police and counter terrorism task force commanders at the Boston Regional Intelligence Center and send real-time video, photos and documents from the field to foil the plot. In the next instant, officers in the field across federal, state and local agencies are connected and fed key information to coordinate and thwart the attack. With the help of groundbreaking technology from Mutualink, Inc., this scenario together with other major emergency scenarios will be played out in real-time with war fighters and homeland and public safety security personnel across the Nation and at other locations around the world at the 2011 Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration (“CWID”).

CWID is a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff-directed annual event that engages cutting-edge information technology, focusing on operational shortfalls identified by combatant commanders and government agencies.

Mutualink is currently being tested by key public safety, emergency response and select critical infrastructure entities in the City of Boston through a multi-agency effort designed to enhance instant emergency communication and collaboration between agencies by enabling anytime, anywhere communications across all types of devices. Like Boston and its agencies, the CWID demonstration serves as a National forum to exercise the global real-time capabilities of the platform connecting key domestic military and homeland security agencies across the United States and abroad. Paul Fitzgerald, Superintendent of the Boston Police, commented on their CWID participation utilizing the Mutualink technology and on the Boston Police Department’s leading-edge efforts in implementing advanced public safety and homeland security capabilities. “The Boston Police Department along with our regional law enforcement partners is very happy to be taking part in the CWID exercise. The Boston Regional Intelligence Center is constantly striving to be on the cutting edge in our efforts of intelligence collection and dissemination. This exercise features the use of the latest technology to disseminate critical information in real-time from overseas to our officers on the street. With the ever increasing threat of terrorist activity against our Country, this exercise is of critical importance to local police,” said Superintendent Fitzgerald.

Mutualink, Inc., headquartered in Connecticut with a major Research and Development facility in Westford, Mass., is the developer of a ground breaking real-time interoperable communications and multimedia collaboration platform that enables first responder agencies, military agencies and critical infrastructure assets to seamlessly communicate and collaborate. Mutualink is one of the featured technologies at CWID. At this invitation only event for best of breed technologies, Mutualink’s participation is sponsored by NATO Special Operations Forces Headquarters (NSHQ). Mutualink’s sponsorship was driven by several successful live operational trials in the Afghanistan Theater where Mutualink rapidly established advanced real-time command and control capabilities across joint command elements and across multiple task forces that use disparate field and command communications assets. Participation in CWID is subject to sponsorship and approval based on a technology’s ability to address a new information sharing capability or might improve an existing capability. The demonstrations, which take place in various locations worldwide, focus on technology discovery, risk reduction, and coalition interoperability. Technologies are assessed using real-world inspired warfighter, Homeland Security/Homeland Defense and emergency responder scenarios. During demonstrations, technologies may receive three types of assessments that include User Utility, Interoperability and Information Assurance. Assessment results are captured in CWID’s annual final report that informs the defense, federal and state acquisition community with actionable decision-quality data. The final report publishes annually by November.

According to Colin McWay, President of Mutualink, CWID is a premier venue for Mutualink to demonstrate that it is possible for military, first responder and other public and private sector agencies irrespective of boundaries to coordinate and collaborate in real-time in a scalable, all hazards, all disciplines manner. “When it comes to emergencies, Mutualink enables a world without borders, and as demonstrated in the recent Japan disaster, a key component of resiliency is the ability for critical partners across all sectors to work together in synchronization,” said McWay.

Mutualink will be demonstrated at numerous CWID and participating partner sites, including the NORTHCOM Command Center, Peterson Air Force Base, Co., Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) San Diego, Ca., Hanscom Air Force Base, Lexington, Ma., Boston Police Department Boston Regional Intelligence Center (BRIC), Boston, Ma., US Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM) Joint Integration Systems Center, Suffolk, Va., New Jersey Institute of Technology, Business Emergency Center (BEOC), Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey, NATO Special Operations Forces Headquarters (NSHQ), Supreme Headquarters Allied Power Europe (SHAPE), Belgium, and NATO SOF, Kabul, Afghanistan, and Canadian Forces Warfare Centre, Shirleys Bay, Canada.
Demonstrations of Mutualink are open to the public by invitation at all US facilities on June 15th and 16th, 2011. Interested parties are invited to learn more and arrange for site visits during public viewing at

Mutualink Contact Information:
Dawn Odams, Operations Manager
Telephone Number: (978) 392-0040 Ext. 101

Boston Police Media Contact Information:
Elaine Driscoll, Director of Communications
Telephone Number: 617.343.5412 / 617.594.2991
Email: driscolle.bpd@cityofboston.cov

Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration Contact:
Luefras Robinson, Chief of Public Affairs, CWID Joint Management Office Public Affairs
Telephone Number: 757-371-9150, 757-225-2172

America's Greenest New Home Is Controlled and Monitored With The ELAN g! Home Control System

The “Power Haus”, a new Sarasota, Florida house, has received the lowest HERS score ever in the U.S., a negative 22, which means the house produces more energy than it uses. It also scored 118 LEED points (an internationally recognized green building certification system), making it the highest-scoring new construction home in the U.S. The home’s state-of-the-art systems are simple to manage through the IP-based ELAN g! Home Control System, which allows for consolidated control of lighting, heating, cooling, security, surveillance, whole-house audio/video and even the pool and spa right from the owner’s iPad, iPhones and ELAN in-wall touch screens.

Josh Wynne, President of Josh Wynne Construction, utilized every tool at his disposal to set these incredible green-building benchmarks. Every wall in the home is filled with super-efficient foam insulation, and the ceiling’s exterior is coated with spray foam insulation to allow for an elegant and unique “tongue and groove” ceiling inside. A Uni-Solar Flex-Lite solar array covers more than half of the roof, producing 14.2 kW of electricity and helping the house achieve its negative 22 HERS rating.

The house was carefully designed and situated to take advantage of shade provided by the property’s large trees, and it features an open floor plan with ceiling fans throughout, including an eight-foot fan in the great room. An independent dehumidification system helps to control the Florida humidity and full walls of operable impact-resistant Jeld Wen insulating windows serve to maximize natural ventilation. The home is fully outfitted with Energy Star appliances and super-efficient core systems – such as an Infinity HVAC system and Eternal tankless water heater – and it features 100 percent LED lighting, even outdoors.

“Not all of my clients are super tech-savvy, and neither am I, so I like things that are simple and reliable,” said Wynne. He knew all the technology in the home needed to be tied together in a simple, convenient way for the homeowner to control and manage, so he contracted Mark van den Broek, president of Sarasota-based SmartHouse Integration, to install the ELAN g! Home Control System.

“The ELAN system is the best control solution for me and my clients based on its relatively low cost, superior reliability, scalability, extensive third-party component integration, and most of all its ease of use,” said van den Broek. “My clients love that the control interface is the same on an iPad, iPhone, in-wall touch screen or on the TV. And I have never come across a third-party component that couldn’t integrate with the ELAN system.”

The homeowners control the system through two ELAN TS7 7-inch in-wall touch screens, three ELAN TS2 in-wall touch pads, an iPad and their two iPhones. With six flat screen HDTVs indoors plus one on the deck, the Power Haus is no slouch in the media department. To complement the video system, 14 speakers are distributed through eight audio zones, including two outdoor rock speakers. The media systems can play content from three DirecTV feeds, two Blu-ray players, XM satellite radio, Pandora Internet radio, am/fm radio and an ELAN VIA!migo iPod dock.

The ELAN g! Home Control System is integrated with the home’s five DVR surveillance cameras, DSC security system, LiteTouch lighting system and Bryant HVAC. SmartHouse Integration even custom-programmed a button in the ELAN g! software to instantly access the GUI for the solar array so the owners can monitor its performance in real time. ELAN g! allows the homeowner to program events for every subsystem, simplifying virtually every aspect of running a household. Users can set the lights to turn on and off at specific times, and the heating and cooling systems can be adjusted for maximum efficiency based on when people are home. And for travelers, there is nothing more convenient than setting up an “Away” mode that automatically changes all of the systems’ settings with the touch of a button.

Available starting at $1860 for a single-room, four sub-system control solution, the ELAN g! Series Control System can be expanded quickly and cost-effectively to enable whole-home control of every room appliance. ELAN g! provides users with the most uniform and intuitive icon-based control from their favorite devices, including TVs, touch screens, touchpads, PCs, iPhones, and iPads. The standardized interface works across platforms, so that the trendy g!Mobile app users love on the iPhone appears and works similarly on ELAN touch screens, valets and handheld remotes as well as users' televisions and mobile devices. And the system's IP backbone makes it just as easy to control the system from across the room - or across the globe.