Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sunfire Awarded U.S. Patent for the StillBass™ Anti-Shake Technology Featured in its SubRosa Subwoofer

Sunfire®, a leader in the design and manufacture of hi-fidelity home theater products, today announced it has been awarded U.S. Patent #7,844,068 by the United States Patent Office for the revolutionary StillBass™ Anti-Shake technology featured in the company’s award-winning ultra-thin Sunfire SubRosa® Subwoofer. First introduced in 2008, the Sunfire SubRosa Subwoofer is the world’s first flat panel subwoofer and was named 2008 Product of the Year by Electronic House, the leading magazine for consumers who are passionate about high quality audio for their home.

In-wall subwoofers used to face a huge hurdle – the drywall would crumble and turn to dust from the constant mechanical vibration. While designing audio components for Sunfire, Bob Carver developed an innovative solution to this problem by utilizing Newton’s Third Law of Motion, using an actuator that moves in opposition to the woofer to virtually eliminate destructive and intrusive mechanical vibration that subwoofers naturally produce. By controlling the subwoofer’s “shake”, StillBass™ technology allows the woofer to be placed in a wide variety of locations rarely considered for high quality bass. The SubRosa can be mounted on a wall, located below a big screen TV, behind a couch or under a bed and yes, even inside the wall. This newly patented technology is only available from Sunfire, and at the moment, only in the SubRosa Subwoofer.

“Sunfire’s patented StillBass technology shows that we are committed to delivering the ultimate home audio experience through innovative design and an unparalleled attention to detail,” said Mark Weisenberg, General Manager of Sunfire.

The Sunfire SubRosa subwoofer is a modern marvel, delivering immense bass through dual 10” woofers and combining neodymium magnets with inverted surrounds, resulting in a sealed enclosure with a mind-boggling depth of only 3.75”. The Subrosa In-Room Subwoofer System comes with an external 2,700 Watt Tracking Downconverter™ and features infinitely variable crossover, phase and level controls. The system includes balanced XLR, RCA and speaker level inputs and features auto room correction through use of an included microphone.

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