Monday, June 13, 2011

TD Bank Conference Center Location in Mount Laurel, New Jersey is Xantech's Two Millionth Installation

Mount Laurel, New Jersey’s Twelve Thousand Building Conference Center houses training room and boardroom spaces for TD Bank, and recently Bensalem, Pennsylvania-based firm APA Music & Pictures, Inc., through McHenry Creative Services, was charged with installing A/V control systems in the bank’s spaces. The project marks the two millionth installation of products from Xantech (InfoComm Booth 1255), a leader in the field of audio/video remote control and distribution, and further underscores the company’s position as the preeminent manufacturer of A/V control solutions. APA’s VP of Sales and Production, Dave Pedemonti, along with Lead Programmer Bob Balan and the rest of their team, selected control solutions from Xantech. APA has a long history as Xantech users, and they have been proud to push ahead with putting Xantech’s newest technologies to good use.

Xantech products, including the WIC1200 Web Intelligent Controller and CWTC10 10.4-inch Wireless Touch Controller, now form the foundation for the A/V distribution in several rooms in the building. Pedemonti stated, “We had a few different rooms – the boardroom space and training room spaces – and they needed to be ready for everything from PowerPoint presentations to audio and video conferencing. Obviously, we were dealing with multiple connectivity, and Xantech’s technology, which is based on IP addresses for different devices, was the clear choice. The CWTC10 is the ideal interface – it has a large touchscreen that is easy to read and operate, and it is wireless, so it can be moved around to whoever is running a meeting or training sessions. This is far preferable to an in-wall box.”

Pedemonti continues, “When we decided on Xantech products for this installation and reached out to them, they shipped us the units right away, and we worked together closely through the installation phase. Now we have four of those CWTC10’s up and running, and they have worked perfectly. The client is very happy, and we are happy to once again choose Xantech solutions for a key installation.”

APA’s relationship with Xantech goes back several years. Mr. Pedemonti stated, “We were probably one of the first A/V companies to really start working with the technology that they created. Through the years, we have been involved in beta testing for some of their new products, getting a good sense of the best ways to put these groundbreaking technologies to good use, and giving our input back to them. That’s a great approach – letting real users in the field give feedback on the product and help make it the best it can be. We’ve been lucky to forge such a strong relationship with Xantech, and we use their products whenever we can. And thinking of what Xantech’s competitors offer, what it really boils down to is value for dollar – we can install the CWTC10’s for about a quarter of the cost of a comparable product from other competitors, and plus, the CWTC10 is actually a far more versatile control device, because you can control so many different types of things. Additionally, we were able to design and implement the customized web control page using Xantech’s new Web Designer 3.0 Software. They have helped us create some very outside-of-the-box installations, and we’re extremely proud to be their two millionth installation. We, look forward to utilizing their products for years to come.”

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