Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Xantech Debuts iPad-Enabled ‘Classroom of the Future’ at INFOCOMM 2012

Xantech, the industry-leading manufacturer and marketer of IR and IP connectivity solutions, will debut its vision for the ‘Classroom Of The Future’ at INFOCOMM 2012 in Booth #C8725 of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Xantech will feature a demo room that shows how educators can use the latest technology to create a collaborative, immersive multimedia teaching environment by utilizing Xantech’s SPLCD64 touch panel and XLIP800 controller.

According to Xantech Senior Project Manager Thu Le, “In an education system that will soon be dominated by the proliferation of e-textbooks and digital devices, school districts are increasingly looking to implement simple, efficient systems that allow educators to monitor progress and leverage digital interface devices to increase students’ productivity and maximize learning potential. It’s our belief that using multimedia and having the ability to conference with professionals and subject matter experts from around the world will lead to a new age of education, enabling learning in an interactive and personal way that has never been possible before.

“It’s clear,” Le continued, ”that the success of our educators can be aided by modern technologies, and many school districts are beginning to recognize that in the long term, this can even represent a cost savings over physical textbooks that must be bought every few years.  The classroom we are unveiling at INFOCOMM gives educators a simple way to view each student’s digital device and interact on a very individual level, which results in a more personal learning environment for students.  We created this prototype ‘Classroom of the Future' to show how this can be done easily and cost-effectively.”

Using Xantech’s XLIP800, teachers can now connect up to 32 PCs or tablets to a central system where they can monitor each individual student’s screen or a combination of screens, allowing them to teach and interact digitally with individual students or the whole class.  The educator’s view can be presented on a computer monitor, flat screen TV or projection system.  This way, the educator can personally compare and contrast work being done on each device or share the video streams with the entire classroom.

Xantech’s INFOCOMM ‘Classroom of the Future’ demo room will feature several iPads connected to Xantech’s XLIP800 controller and SPLCD64 touch screen, a TV One video switcher and a large screen LCD TV to display the educator’s view to attendees.  One of the most important aspects of any classroom system is that it be easy for the installer to program and customize, easy for educators to operate and require no maintenance.  With the ability to log in to the Xantech system remotely, the installer can make any required adjustments without the need to visit the classroom.

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About Xantech:
Xantech designs and manufactures an extensive range of audio, video and control products and systems, many of which have become de facto industry standards. Xantech IR products are specified into more audio/video installations than any other brand. Xantech also supplies hi-definition HDMI video solutions, touch-panels and IP control systems for residential and commercial applications, multi-room audio/video systems, audio source components and processors, and software programming tools.

Products are sold to professional installers and distributors directly from Xantech. Xantech’s products are marketed in North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe. Xantech is a part of The AVC Group in Carlsbad, California. For additional information about Xantech and its innovative products, please visit

About The AVC Group, LLC:
Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, The AVC Group, LLC is a portfolio of pre-eminent manufacturers and marketers of state-of-the-art consumer and commercial audio, video and control system solutions. The AVC Group is comprised of the following industry leading brands: NILES® Audio, ELAN® Home Systems, Xantech®, ATON®, and Sunfire®. The AVC Group, LLC is a subsidiary of Nortek, Inc.’s Home Technology Group.

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