Monday, March 14, 2011

Leading Virginia Law Enforcement Agencies Turn To The Response Network For Their In-Service Online Training

Underscoring the speed with which training conscious, budget strapped law enforcement agencies are turning to its portal for high quality, cost effective, in-service online training, The Response Network today announced that the Virginia Beach, Newport News, and Hampton, Virginia Police Departments have now enrolled their officers at the  training portal.  Simultaneous with this announcement, The Response Network also debuted a customized online training course specifically designed to meet the needs of all Virginia law enforcement agencies —  “Virginia Legal Updates.”

“Officer training must be constant, and now it is very affordable, consistent from officer to officer, and extremely time and cost-effective,” today said Bradley J. Naples, President & CEO of The Response Network.  “The question is how to best maintain the levels of readiness required in today’s world with increasingly limited training budgets, reduced headcount but with civilian leaders still demanding the same level of police performance.  We believe the only long-term viable solution is to turn to the Internet for in-service training. 

“Over the last three years, The Response Network, through its training portal, has brought together leading third-party subject matter experts, a growing syllabus of courses, state-of-the-art LMS administrative controls, and law enforcement agencies into a vital and growing training community that is only going to become more important over time.  We welcome the Virginal Beach, Newport News, and Hampton, Virginia Police Departments.”

According to Naples, in response to the customized needs of Virginia Police Departments, The Response Network has created a new course for all Virginia law enforcement agencies, “Virginia Commonwealth Law Enforcement Legal Updates + Changes.” This one course alone pays for any agency’s annual investment in time, accuracy of content to this important subject domain, and budget savings.

Naples emphasized today that more than 10,000 law enforcement officers from agencies in fourteen different states are now enrolled in training courses at the portal.  “Working in close collaboration with our law enforcement and public safety partners, national and local subject matter experts, state POSTS and training officials, we strive to deliver the best quality self-paced distance learning training all at one low price. For only $74.95 per user per year, a subscriber can access any and all courses regardless of the number of courses available during their year of subscription. Courses will provide assessments and automatic updates to superiors and training directors.” 

The current list of courses offered by The Response Network includes:

•  Use of Force
•  Applied Ethics
•  Sexual and Workplace Harassment
•  Maintaining Mental Health in Law Enforcement
•  Active-Shooter for Public Safety Communications
•  Emotional Intelligence for Law Enforcement
•  Customer Service/ Community Policing
•  U.S. Supreme Court Legal Updates
•  Coming Soon
·      Terrorism Training
·      Cultural Diversity/Bias-Free Policing
·      Officer Survival Techniques is owned and operated by The Response Network Inc. The Response Network's mission is to develop and deliver to law enforcement and public safety professionals a complete curriculum of educational courseware that meets their needs for everything from In-Service training to degree granting programs.  For general information, please e-mail Please provide your contact information so we can respond to your inquiry. You may also call us toll free at 1-877-288-0451.

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