Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Stereo Earbud Headphones for Children Feature Built-In Volume Limit to Protect Hearing

For the millions of children who now have their own smartphone, iPhone®, iPod®, or MP3 music player, the iESSENTIALS® division of MIZCO International today introduced a new line of earbud headphones designed specifically to ensure the safety of their ears while enjoying their music.

Available for $9.99, the new comfortable in-ear RoboBuds™ line offers five fun, colorful “robot” characters: “Phantom”, “Streke”, “Electrika”, “PowerBot”, and “CrimsonRobo”. Each set of earbuds features a robot character on the cord that slides up and down and serves as the set’s cord management system. The RoboBuds are designed with a volume limiting output of 85 dB (decibels) to protect children’s ears.

“Children are embracing music at younger and younger ages than ever before, and that requires manufacturers to go further than ever before to design products that can help protect against unintended damage caused by sudden increases in music volume,” explained Mike Mizrahi, Creative Director at MIZCO International.

“Our new line of iESSENTIALS RoboBuds provides kids of all ages with a high performance audio accessory that is every bit as safe to use as they are fun to collect and use. Parents no longer need to worry about their children hurting their hearing because of unsafely loud music. Our RoboBud earbuds automatically limit output to 85 db, which means parents can let their children turn the music up as loud as they want but the volume will never rise to a level that hurts their children’s hearing!”

What’s more, the colorful and varied line of RoboBud earbuds, complete with five characters to collect, ensures that children will never again have to settle for plain white, uncomfortable plastic earbuds, and parents will never have to worry about the safety of their childrens’ ears! The introduction of the five earbud models is only the first phase of the product line, with the addition of over-the-ear models to follow.

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