Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Xantech Control Products Once Again Selected for FCCI Insurance Group Office Facilities

Largo, Florida-based Technical Resource Group (TRG) recently completed a major upgrade of the AV systems in the executive boardroom at the corporate headquarters and Florida regional office of FCCI Insurance Group in Sarasota, Florida, which includes control solutions from Xantech, a leader in the field of audio/video remote control and distribution for 40 years. The project also involved the reconfiguration of one of FCCI’s three training/conference rooms, which TRG upgraded two years ago with Xantech touch screen displays and control equipment.

Keith Gilliam, TRG System Design/Engineer, was pleased to make a return visit to FCCI in order to install more Xantech equipment. “This is their first upgrade in the executive boardroom; FCCI had grown out of the existing technology and replaced it with state-of-the-art digital audio, video and control technology,” he reveals. “It worked out very well to have Xantech’s WIC1200 Web Intelligent Controller control everything. The Web Intelligent Controller was chosen to manage all of the digital A/V and the system controls, which included the contact closures for the screen and projector lift.”

There are 22 stations located around the conference table in FCCI’s executive boardroom, at which each participant can connect his or her laptop computer, according to Keith Gilliam. The existing VGA inputs at each station were retained and HDMI inputs were added. “This will maintain compatibility with current generation laptops and provide connectivity well into the future,” he explains. “Each of the 22 stations is configured with hi-def video inputs, and we’re controlling the video switcher’s HDMI, VGA and DVI inputs through the Xantech WIC1200.”

Each station is additionally equipped with a Shure MX Series podium microphone, and the room is fully outfitted with ceiling speakers. The microphones and speakers are processed through a Biamp Systems Audia FLEX DSP unit. “The Xantech WIC1200 is controlling the volumes of all of the inputs, where we govern the audio switching along with controlling volumes to the Biamp system,” says Keith Gilliam.

Keith Gilliam reports FCCI requested an easy-to-use system that required no more than one or two button pushes to operate or reconfigure the installed equipment. “We’re also using two Xantech 10.4-inch WiFi CWTC10 Commercial Wireless Touch Controllers as wireless interfaces, so they can have simple control to turn the room on and off. When they turn the system on it lowers the screen, turns on the projector, lowers the projector, and reconfigures the video inputs.”

The executives operating the board meetings can use the Xantech CWTC10 to configure the boardroom to any station or video input they need, he says. “They can call up a station and reconfigure it with a couple of button pushes.” This is made possible by employing Xantech’s recently introduced Web Designer 3.0 software, which provides a simple drag-and-drop programming solution for the easy creation of a customized graphic user interface on any web-based system’s remote control device.

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