Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Circle Technology Makes On-the-Go Presentations Possible for the Columbia River Economic Development Counci

The CREDC (Columbia River Economic Development Council), which works to advance the economic vitality of Clark County, Washington, through business growth and innovation, knows that the most effective way to expose prospective businesses to the region is to hit the road. Spending much of its time showing business owners impressive sites and landmarks throughout the region, the CREDC needed to find a way to present vital facts and figures while on-site, without bulky binders or distracting personal devices. When the organization incorporated Circle Technology’s portable presentation system into their business development tours, they quickly realized they had a perfect solution on their hands.

“Our work involves bringing clients serious about relocating to the region on site tours, and presenting the value proposition for doing business in Southwest Washington,” said Bonnie Moore, Vice President of Business Growth and Innovation at the CREDC. “We are able to use the Circle Technology system to conduct high-quality, high-tech presentations on the road, no matter where we are. Whether we’re showing a client potential building ideas at a dirt lot, or hosting a bus tour group of 30 people on a bus, the Circle Technology system allows everyone to get all of the information they need, when they need it, in an easy-to-read manner.”

The Columbia River Economic Development Council, which started taking advantage of the benefits of the Circle Technology solution nearly a year ago, uses a system configuration that features Circle Host Software, 10 Custom Circle Displays and Circle Display Stands, and Circle Carrying Cases, which keep the displays charged at all times, ensuring that even if a tour runs long, the displays won’t lose power.

“We had been looking for a way to get the most out of our site tours, and when the Circle Technology system was pitched to us, it just seemed like the perfect fit,” added Moore. “Steve Hix, the President of Circle Technology, is a respected community leader, so when he told us that he had the ultimate solution that would allow us to present information while on the go, we were eager to try it. As a result, the way we are able to offer our clients an even higher level of visibility, by conducting meetings and presentations wherever they need them to take place. The Circle Technology system enhanced the quality of our meetings by giving us the flexibility to conduct business on the road.”

Circle Technology’s portable presentation system offers an on-the-go solution that allows a presenter to screen share any presentation or content, via the Circle Host Software, from their PC directly to the Circle Displays in the hands of their audience. The crystal clear 1280x800 resolution Circle Displays allow presentations to be put directly into the hands of the audience, without bulky, printed presentations or the seemingly endless distractions that could be found on their own devices. The Circle Host Software is compatible with Windows® 7 and 8, making it possible for the software to be downloaded to any PC that uses Microsoft OS.

What’s more, the Circle Host Software makes it possible to present without any connection to the Internet, thus eliminating any worries about faulty connections. The software also allows for multiple Circle Displays to be connected at once, giving presenters the opportunity to put their presentation into the hands of a larger group of people at the same time. The software works on a self-contained, encrypted WPA2 password protected network, powered by the standard wireless capabilities embedded in today’s PC’s, allowing for a secure and private connection between the presenter’s PC and the audience’s Circle Displays. The network can be adjusted on the go without the hassle of having to generate and distribute new passwords and user names, making the task as easy as possible for the presenter. Real-time sharing and collaboration is an integral element of all presentations, and the Circle Host Software allows the presenter to control the flow of their presentation.

Circle Technology’s presentation system packages are available in a number of configurations all designed to meet a variety of presentation needs. For information on the best Circle Technology system package for your company’s needs, and to order Circle Technology’s presentation system, please call Stampede Presentation Products Inc., at 1-800-398-5652.

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