Friday, September 13, 2013

Northwest Kansas Technical College Uses Trident Kraken Cases To Protect Students' iPads in Punishing Learning Environments

Apple® iPads have been hailed as one of the best investments any K-12 school or college can make for its students. Like any investment, however, iPads come with inherent risk. They can break easily, scratch, dent, or otherwise be damaged to the point of becoming a $500 brick, and cash-strapped students, K-12 schools and colleges simply can’t take the chance of incurring extra expenses due to breakage.

That’s why Northwest Kansas Technical College (Northwest Tech) realized they needed to offer each student the best protective case for their devices, and decided on the Trident Kraken A.M.S. case, according to Northwest Tech Director of Technology Brad Bergsma. He said the school first allowed students to buy their own cases and then began providing a case for each student the next year, but none of them were the perfect fit for the students’ needs.

“Northwest Tech is a hands-on technical college where students are treated as if they are working a real job.” Bergsma said, “We incorporated iPads as a learning tool as soon as they were introduced back in 2010, and have since seen our enrollment grow year after year. We quickly found that students will purchase cheaper protective cases to save money, but after several instances of damaged devices, we decided that the school needed to provide every student with a strong, resilient protective case as well. We tried Otterbox cases but the students didn’t like how difficult they were to remove, so we tested the Trident Kraken A.M.S. case and have since purchased nearly 300 of them for the new Fall 2013 students.”

All across the campus students use their iPads to access the school’s iTunes U content and Learning Management System, research new ways to complete tasks online, collaborate with teachers and other students, and to document their projects and ensure things get put back together the right way with the iSight camera. With constant use comes constant abuse, as students are often working in dirty, dusty, and even oily environments, as well as the inevitable drops and dings that happen in an environment where automotive repair and construction skills are being honed and tested.

“There is an alignment app for the automotive students that speeds up their adjustments, but they need to take the iPad underneath the vehicle with them, so it’s a dirty, oily environment where it’s likely the device would get scratched or dropped,” Bergsma said. “And the cosmetology students use an app that allows them to schedule appointments, track and maintain customer info and look up new designs and info in class. If it weren’t for the Kraken A.M.S. cases, these students would have hair and cosmetic products all over their iPads in about 30 seconds, just like the automotive students would have oil and dirt. It’s a necessity to protect the iPads, and the Kraken cases are the best way we’ve found to do so.”

Erin Luzzi, VP of Marketing at Trident Case®, noted that, “For punishing environments like those at Northwest Tech in Goodland, Kansas, where students learn in on-site automotive garages and cosmetology salons low-quality cases would result in more than a few headaches and unexpected costs for students. Our Kraken A.M.S. cases offer unbeatable protection for the most punishing environments and are used in real world environments like construction sites and hospitals, so they were the ideal solution to protect this school’s investment.”

The Kraken cases are certified by U.S. military standards to protect mobile devices against rain, dust, drops and vibration. They each have a permanent screen protector that protects the device’s screen from scratches and dirt, as well as an attachment port on the rear of the case that can be locked into more than two dozen mounts from Trident and Arkon.

Trident Case offers six series of protective carrying solutions providing one, two, or three layers of protection: Kraken A.M.S. Series®, Aegis Series®, Cyclops Series®, Perseus A.M.S. Series®, Electra Series® and Apollo Series®. Every series supports a broad range of devices from manufacturers including Apple®, Samsung®, HTC®, Motorola®, and more. All Trident cases use bio-enhanced plastic based products that are degradable, compostable, and recyclable. Over the past two years, Trident Case has invested in the infrastructure and resources necessary to manufacture its tough cases, with style, in the United States of America.

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