Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Invest In Eco-Friendly Household LED Lighting That Can Immediately Reduce Energy Use and Energy Costs

Just as Americans prepare to hunker down for another long winter of freezing temperatures and rising energy costs, a new generation of high quality, affordably priced, eco-friendly household lighting solutions are now readily available that can immediately help them conserve energy and cut energy costs, according to Mei Noguchi, president of Sentina, the industry leading manufacturer and marketer of eco-friendly consumer lighting solutions.

Every time a consumer walks into a darkened room and turns on the lights, they are expending a surge of energy and money to turn on a number of traditional bulb lights. The Sentina PM-316B ZenLight, available for $40.00, combines the best of ancient Japanese lighting methods with the latest in LED lighting technology and motion sensor technology. The built-in authentic Japanese Shoji Paper takes the energy-saving LED lights and gives it a soothing and peaceful glow. The built-in motion sensor provides light only when needed, turning on automatically when the consumer enters the room and shutting off when the consumer leaves the room. The sensor can be adjusted to shut off after 1, 5 or 10 minutes.

The Sentina LED-92M four-way emergency light is just that: four lights in one unit for a retail price of $30.00. Fully charged to support motion, darkness, and power outage sensors, the Sentina LED-92M light simply plugs into a wall socket and performs for pennies per day. The light activates only when approached, in darkness, or in a power outage. In all other times, the light remains off. When disconnected from the socket, the light will also perform as an emergency flash light for up to eight hours.

Available for $30.00, the Sentina PM-302 U-Timer is the ultimate LED lamp controller and safety light. Plug this unit in and consumers will never again have to leave expensive, energy consuming bulb lighting on in their house when they’re not home for extended periods. Thanks to its built-in light sensor, the Sentina U-Timer turns on a household lamp at dusk and automatically shuts off in 4, 8, or 12 hours, as programmed by the consumer. These elements all combine to provide homeowners with peace of mind and lower energy costs when away from home.

A little bit of planning today can make all the difference for consumers throughout the upcoming winter. For a complete range of Sentina’s energy saving options, visit

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