Monday, May 2, 2011 Law Enforcement Training Portal Reaches 10,000 Subscriber Membership Milestone

Underscoring the impact that engaging and educational online in-service training can have on the global law enforcement community, The Response Network, owner and operator of the world’s first and only 100% law enforcement online training portal, today announced that has surpassed the 10,000 subscriber membership milestone. What’s more, according to The Response Network President & CEO Bradley J. Naples, the online training portal has achieved this historic milestone less than one year after completing its initial beta testing period.

“As a new generation of Internet-centric law enforcement professionals comes to the forefront of helping to ensure that best practice standards are met for ongoing in-service training, The Response Network’s training portal is coming to be seen as an effective way for agencies and posts to cost-effectively maintain a state of preparedness. More importantly,” Naples emphasized, “they are realizing that online in-service training can be a compelling experience that is as much entertaining and engaging as it is educational. Our courses deliver that unique combination of engagement and education. It clearly sets us apart in a compelling and cost effective way. In fact, we believe we will double the number of our subscribers further in the next 6-12 months.”

Creating courses that borrow from Hollywood and the gaming industries is a critical determinant of online training’s chances for success. “Everyone knows that, in today’s budget strapped world, traditional face-to-face training is largely inefficient and very expensive. It’s becomes even more difficult to justify when one factors in the value of lost productivity and the inability to measure effectiveness.” currently offers nine general subject domain courses representing more than 50 hours of in-service training, with three more courses scheduled to come online before the end of this calendar year, and an additional ten courses now in-progress. The current nine courses are:

1. Emotional Intelligence for Law Enforcement
2. Community Policing/Customer Service
3. Use of Force
4. Domestic Violence
5. Active Shooter for Public Safety
6. Becoming An Exemplary Peace Officer/Applied Ethics
7. Bloodborne Pathogens
8. Avoiding Ethnic and Sexual Harassment
9. Mental Health for Law Enforcement

All of these general courses can be customized to meet the needs of each subscriber, from major city agencies to rural law enforcement POSTS, and integrated with all local policies and directives. No other online training solution provides for this complete integration of national subjects with local directives in a solution that can be administered and tracked by the subscribing agency. The portal is available to law enforcement officers for an annual subscription of $74.95.

Over the last year large and small law enforcement agencies have endorsed the Police training concept, including the Metropolitan Detroit, Michigan Police Department, the Virginia Beach, Virginia Police Department, the Newport News, Virginia Police Department, the Jacksonville, Florida Sheriff's Office, the Saint Augustine, Florida Police Department, the Saint John's Sheriff's Department, the Clayton, Ohio Police Department, the Park Ridge, Illinois Police Department, the Aberdeen, South Dakota Police Department, Ocean City, Delaware Police Department, the Story County Sheriff's Department in Ames, Iowa, and the Lincoln, New Hampshire Police Department, among others.

The Response Network’s training programs are endorsed by the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police (VACP), Brit Insurance, The FBI National Academy Associates (FBINAA), the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), and the Association of Public Safety-Communications Professionals (APCO). is owned and operated by The Response Network Inc. The Response Network's mission is to develop and deliver to law enforcement and public safety professionals a complete curriculum of educational courseware that meets their needs for everything from in-service training to degree granting programs. For more information, visit or call 1-877-288-0451.

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