Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sunfire Dealers Live Large This Summer

Sunfire®, a leader in the design and manufacture of hi-fidelity home theater audio products, today announced an exciting Dealer/Consumer promotion for summer 2011, featuring its new Dynamic Series line (SDS) of affordable high-quality subwoofers.

From June 1 through August 31, home theater enthusiasts are invited to take part in the ”Live Large with Sunfire” promotion and upgrade their home theater setup. Through this special offer, buyers can purchase a Sunfire SDS10 10” sub for the price of an SDS8 8” sub, or they can go even larger and purchase a Sunfire SDS12 12” sub for the price of an SDS10 10” sub!

The “Live Large with Sunfire” promotion is available to all authorized Sunfire dealers, who can then pass it on to their customers who respond to the program. Consumers can purchase a maximum of two SDS subwoofers on this promotion.

The promotion will be supported by advertisements, direct emails to 200,000 consumers and email blasts specially developed for Sunfire dealers to market the promotion within their own customer base.

Consumers can take advantage of the “Live Large This Summer” promotion by locating the nearest Sunfire dealer at www.sunfire.com and making a qualifying purchase through any online or brick-and-mortar authorized Sunfire dealer.

The Sunfire Dynamic Series 8”, 10” and 12” subwoofers are available for an MSRP of $400, $500 and $600 respectively. The Dynamic Series features the perfect blend of form, function and performance. They are the ideal choice for systems where small size, high fidelity and high output are required. Sunfire's new digital amplifier delivers 400 to 600 Watts of cool running peak output in the three models, offering unprecedented performance at these price points. Each subwoofer features a Sunfire-designed woofer and acoustically matched passive radiator – twice the speakers for twice the bass. The DS family is the first Sunfire line built around energy efficient Sunfire Class-D amplification utilizing Sunfire’s FFD™ technology and also features an efficient .5W standby power mode.

With an optional 2.4GHz subwoofer wireless transmitter and receiver, available for an MSRP of $80 each, the addition of a new subwoofer is simple, without any new wires needed. A single transmitter can support up to two receivers for two subwoofers.

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