Tuesday, January 8, 2013

DIGIPOWER “Powers Up” Its Universal Charging Solutions at CES 2013

Underscoring its commitment to provide users with innovatively designed, affordably priced universal charging solutions for all of their mobile devices, MIZCO International’s DIGIPOWER division today introduced two new universal chargers — the JS-IPSP “RECHARGE” Power Bank for iPod, iPhone and micro-USB devices and the PD-ST2 Universal Charging Dock in Apple and Android models.  The two new chargers were debuted at Booth #30842 at the 2013 International CES in Las Vegas, Nevada by DIGIPOWER President Maurice Mizrahi.

Providing 5000mAh of power, the JS-IPSP “Recharge” is a compact power pack for iPod, iPhone and micro-USB devices capable of rapidly charging any portable USB device a consumer may have, including mobile phones, tablets, cameras, GPS devices and handheld gaming devices. Its super compact design features one MFI 30-pin Apple connector and one micro-USB connector, allowing for two devices to be charged simultaneously.  Both cables are built in to the power pack providing convenient storage and portability when not in use.  The pack has a 4-segment LED power indicator, a 3.3-feet charging cable and can provide up to five full charges before needing to be replenished.

“More and more frequently, consumers are carrying multiple devices, made by multiple manufacturers, each with their own charging needs,” Mizrahi stressed today. “Our JP-ISPS allows mobile device users to charge all their devices from one portable power source, no matter if it is an Apple product, an Android device or another micro-USB powered device. Finally, consumers no longer need to carry several chargers with them to charge all of their devices, and retailers only have to carry one SKU to support multiple devices, helping to save space and simplify their business.”

The new DIGIPOWER PD-ST2 Universal Charging Dock is available in both Apple and Android compatible models, and features a dock connector that pivots to accommodate the differences in device measurements that occur when new generations of devices are released.  The 5.5-feet USB cable allows for directly connecting to a computer to charge and sync, or to an AC adapter (sold separately) for wall charging.  The Apple model is compatible with all 30-pin Apple products, and the Android version is compatible with all Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets as well as most eReaders and Android smart phones.

“As manufacturers release generations of products, mobile device users are often facing the problem of having devices that are not consistent in thickness or width,” Mizrahi said. “With our Universal Charging Dock pivoting connector, users can be sure all their devices will be accommodated by one charging solution, and no longer will they have to replace chargers every time a new product generation is on the market!

“We strive to provide retailers and consumers with the most useful technology innovations that both increase sales and simplify the lives of buyers,” Mizrahi continued. “These additions to our Universal selection of portable power and charging solutions are our answers to solving the issues associated with today’s mobile lifestyle.”

About MIZCO International

Headquartered in Avenel, New Jersey, MIZCO International is the world's fastest growing supplier of mobile phone headsets and accessories, as well as imaging and iPhone power solutions.  Founded in 1990, MIZCO markets products under the Cellular Innovations, DIGIPOWER, iEssentials, Ecko Unlimited, MIZCO Sports, ToughTested, and Travelocity brands.  The company currently offers more than 1,000 products through a global dealer network.  For more information on MIZCO and its product offerings call 1.800.266.4026 or visit www.mizco.com.

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