Monday, June 10, 2013

First Complete Implementation of Google 360° Tour Launches at Ibis Bay Beach Resort!

In September 2012 Google said that its 360° Tours would bring true all-access virtual tours to hotels, resorts and retail stores all around the world, and that future starts today with the launch of Ibis Bay Beach Resort’s new website featuring an all-inclusive Google 360° Tour! According to Ibis Bay owner Chris Holland, the website has been redesigned to capture the unique character and flavor of Ibis Bay in Key West, and the virtual tour is the ultimate way for vacationers to see exactly what they’ll get and what the resort offers.

“People say that Key West is like no other place on Earth, and Ibis Bay Beach Resort is like no other place in Key West. Now with the Google 360° Tour on our new website, every potential guest can see right into each room style we offer and find out exactly what they’ll get, plus stroll along our docks, into our restaurant, up to our tortoise and macaw cages and out onto our beautiful white sand beach. It’s an amazing step up from resort photos that I think is going to change the way people book their vacations. We made sure to highlight the tour in several locations on the new website so visitors don’t miss their chance to experience the resort before they book.”

Over the last two years Ibis Bay Beach Resort has seen a multi-million dollar renovation that includes redesigned rooms, new furnishings, new landscaping, and the opening of the fresh-as-it-gets Stoned Crab restaurant that specializes in stone crab dishes.  Ibis Bay has quickly become a favorite among travelers and locals and is already having a big impact on the local community through the many events and fundraisers it hosts. 
“We don’t want to be the Ritz Carlton,” Holland emphasized, “and have that hotel chain sameness because it’s so boring!  We’re looking to provide travelers with a unique experience that allows them to enjoy the Key West of the 1950s while utilizing the advantages of modern technology to ensure a pleasant and fun-packed stay.  The Google 360° Tour is a great addition to the modern side of our appeal that shows in bright, beautiful images how we’ve kept the 1950s alive at Ibis Bay.”

The resort has a lot going for it: one of only eight private beaches in Key West, the island’s only flats fishing boat ramp onto the beautiful Ibis Bay, the boat-to-table Stoned Crab seafood restaurant that has two of it’s very own fishing boats delivering daily catches, and two new water walkways for guests to swim and snorkel right outside their rooms. Now all of this can be viewed up close and personal with the Google 360° Tour. On the virtual tour visitors can walk around the entire resort and through each room style using the arrow on the screen, or jump to any area they desire with the tabs located just below the tour window.

“Since I began renovating Ibis Bay two years ago we’ve made incredible improvements and progress, creating a truly unique destination that has everything a traveler could ask for,” Holland said in closing.  “From the gorgeous beaches and ocean views to the updated rooms, friendly service and stellar dining, we’ve got it all.  So whether you’re going on a family vacation, a honeymoon retreat or a weekend fishing trip, Ibis Bay is the place to stay. And you don’t have to take my word for it, because now you can check out the entire resort from the comfort of your own home before you book!”

About Ibis Bay Beach Resort:
Ibis Bay Beach Resort ( embodies the very best of Key West and offers guests a vacation experience like no other. With a full deck of options for active adventure-seekers, Hemingway buffs or travelers who want to fit in with the locals, there is something special for every guest. Featuring classic 1950s Key West architecture and design elements, 600 feet of beautiful private white sand beach, a 20-foot poolside movie screen for outdoor movie nights, two Ibis Bay water walkways for swimming and snorkeling, and The Stoned Crab restaurant, Ibis Bay Beach Resort is more than a resort—it’s a destination!


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