Monday, July 22, 2013

Circle Technology Helps Horenstein Law Group Deliver On Their Promise To Offer 'Enhanced Communication' To Clients

The team at Horenstein Law Group PLLC understands the importance of a productive meeting better than anyone. The Vancouver-based firm, which represents clients in real estate, business and government affairs, knows that every minute spent with a client is valuable, so when they started using Circle Technology’s portable, wireless, Internet-free presentation system solution in their conference room and off-site meetings, they soon realized that the technology provides them with a groundbreaking way to increase efficiency in client meetings.

“Time is money,” said Steve Horenstein, Managing Member at Horenstein Law Group. “When clients come to our office, we’re reviewing multiple documents while taking copious notes, and it’s crucial that important information doesn’t get lost in the process. With the Circle Technology system, we’re able to ensure that there is complete collaboration between the client and us. The system eliminates errors that might occur due to forgetfulness, and allows us to work with the client in real-time, with everyone looking at the same information all at once.”

Horenstein Law Group currently uses a deluxe Circle Technology system configuration that features, Circle Host Software, four Custom Circle Displays and Circle Display Stands, and a Circle Carrying Case, which allows the team at Horenstein Law Group to keep their displays charged at all times and provides easy transport to off-site meetings.

“We represent a number of businesses that often conduct shareholder meetings, and when you have a group of people gathered in a conference room, it’s imperative to make sure that everyone is able to follow the presentation at the same time,” added Mellissa Middleton, Paralegal at Horenstein Law Group. “The Circle Technology system allows us to do just that. One of the fundamentals at our firm is the idea of ‘enhanced communication,’ where we are connected to our clients in a way that conserves time and increases communication. Circle Technology’s system allows us to minimize the use of paper and maximize efficiency, and it has had a profoundly positive effect on our day-to-day client meetings.”

Circle Technology’s portable presentation system offers an on-the-go solution that allows a presenter to screen share any presentation or content, via the Circle Host Software, from their PC directly to the Circle Displays in the hands of their audience. The crystal clear 1280x800 HD resolution Circle Displays allow presentations to be put directly into the hands of the audience, without bulky, printed presentations or the seemingly endless distractions that could be found on their own devices. The Circle Host Software is compatible with Windows® 7 and 8, making it possible for the software to be downloaded to any PC that uses Microsoft OS.

What’s more, the Circle Host Software makes it possible to present without any connection to the Internet, thus eliminating any worries about faulty connections.  The software also allows for up to 10 Circle Displays to be connected at once, giving presenters the opportunity to put their presentation into the hands of multiple people at the same time. The software works on a self-contained, encrypted WPA2 password protected network, powered by the standard wireless capabilities embedded in today’s PC’s, allowing for a secure and private connection between the presenter’s PC and the audience’s Circle Displays. The network can be adjusted on the go without the hassle of having to generate and distribute new passwords and user names, making the task as easy as possible for the presenter.  Real-time sharing and collaboration is an integral element of all presentations, and the Circle Host Software allows the presenter to control the flow of their presentation.

Horenstein summarizes the firm’s experience with their Circle Technology system as, “Circle Technology provides the perfect personal presentation system for our conference room and for meetings at our clients’ sites.  Having a high-tech presentation system for any meeting, regardless of location, has proved to be an invaluable professional tool.”

Circle Technology’s presentation system packages are available in a number of configurations all designed to meet a variety of presentation needs. For information on the best Circle Technology system package for your company’s needs, and to order Circle Technology’s presentation system, please call Stampede Presentation Products Inc., at 1-800-398-5652.

About Circle Technology
Circle Technology is a pioneering Vancouver, Washington-based company with a family of presentation system solutions.  Our products allow you to present without the Internet, anywhere at any time.  We bring a complete system to the presentation, providing the highest quality screen resolution from our Circle Displays. Our Circle Host Software allows you to screen share anything from your computer to the Circle Displays, giving you the opportunity to present anything that is viewable from your desktop.  With Circle Technology, you can rely on one single solution, instead of a multitude of technologies having to somehow work together, just a simple click and you begin.  For more information about Circle Technology, log onto

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