Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Datexx Debuts Fall 2011 "Back to School, Back to Profits" Retail Merchandising Program

Industry leading manufacturer and marketer of student calculators and alarm clocks offers dealers seven different selections of self-contained shipper displays with four-color headers.

Datexx, the industry leading manufacturer and marketer of innovatively designed, eco-friendly calculator and alarm clock solutions unveiled an extremely aggressive and focused “Back To School, Back To Profits” retail merchandising program for every dealer channel that sells electronics to value-conscious tech-hungry students and their parents.

The program announced today by Datexx President Mei Noguchi is comprised of eight distinct self-contained product displays, each featuring stand-out four-color headers designed to maximize impulse sales and designed around a centralized theme focused on calculators (scientific and colorful handheld models), power solutions for mobile tech devices, and stylish affordably priced alarm clocks. Dealers can either order displays as configured at http://dealers.datexx.com, or they can customize displays to meet their individual requirements.

“Our ‘Back to School, Back to Profits’ program is designed to enhance the dealer’s already in place planogram,” explained Noguchi. “Each display comes packed with an array of product that is designed and priced to appeal to students and parents who will soon be focusing on their back to school technology needs. And, let’s face it, today an increasing number of back to school dollars are being spent on technology related products. Our new displays are designed to capture as many of those dollars as possible for our retailers.”

The new Datexx Radio Control Atomic Clock Display features 12 units of the Datexx DRC-604 Radio Control Atomic Clock in a six pound countertop display that measures 15.5” (W) X 9.75” (D). Priced to move at $240 MSRP, each clock carries a pre-stamped suggested retail price of only $20. Each clock is powered by two AAA batteries (not included) and features radio controlled time and date, indoor temperature and moon phase, and dual crescendo alarm with snooze.

The new Datexx Multi-Colored Handheld Calculator Display is certain to be an eye catcher in any retail environment. Featuring 24 units of the Datexx DH-60C4 Handheld Calculator in six pieces of each color (blue, yellow, magenta, and green), the entire 15.5” (W) X 9.75” (D) display carries a suggested retail price of $120.00 ($5.00 per unit). The colorful handheld calculators are comprised of recycled plastics (and stated so) to drive sales to eco-conscious students and parents.

For more serious classroom applications, there is the Datexx Scientific Calculator Display, which contains 20 units of the Datexx DS-700C calculator in an eight-pound shipper that includes an 18.78” X 9.25” display. The entire package carries a suggested retail price of $280.00 ($14.00 each). Featuring purple, green, and white models, each calculator out-features the Texas Instrument TI-30 and is ideal for mathematical calculations, trigonometry, statistics, and algebra classes. Easy to read and clearly marked function keys are combined with a step-by-step instruction manual to minimize a student’s learning curve in using the product.

If safety is top of mind this upcoming school year, Datexx has the answer with its new Datexx Solar LED Flare Display, featuring 12 units of its popular Sentina LED-52 solar powered personal outdoor safety light. Carrying a suggested retail price of $192.00 for all 12 units ($16.00 a piece), each LED-52 flare charges during the day and is ready to use at night! Its super bright blinking LED lights deliver 360-degree visibility. Other features include built-in reflector and splash proof protection. The stylish, colorful and attractively designed flares can be used in virtually every type of nighttime activity.

A total of four other calculator themed displays are also being made available to dealers as part of the “Back to School, Back to Profits” program, according to Noguchi. “We’re offering dealers the option of mixing different SKUs together into one shipper display,” she explained. “This allows dealers to incorporate our colorful “Sun Shaped” solar calculators, calculators with LED magnifiers, and calculators with built-in coupon holders into their store merchandising programs. The bottom line is this: Datexx leads the industry in offering the broadest selection of high performance, eco-friendly, and stylishly designed handheld calculators and we are leveraging this leadership position for the Fall 2011 back to school season by offering dealers an unprecedented selection of countertop displays that will drive their seasonal sales to the max.”

For more information on the Datexx “Back to School, Back to Profits” program, dealers are encouraged to visit http://dealers.datexx.com.

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