Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Datexx Offers Luggage Dealers a "Power Boost" with Debut of Lowest Priced, Highest Performing USB Power Charger

New Datexx Sentina™ EnergyShot portable power charger is designed to allow luggage dealers to profitably meet a broader range of customer travel needs.

Underscoring its commitment to lead in the development of eco-friendly, high performance value mobile technology products, Datexx™ ( today introduced the world’s lowest priced, highest performing universal USB power charger, the Sentina EnergyShot.  What’s more, the company is offering the product in a new custom configured marketing program designed specifically for luggage dealers, many of whom are now expanding their retail product offerings to meet a greater variety of traveler needs.

“Luggage dealers, like many other retailers, are being challenged to broaden their product line offerings in order to succeed in retaining the business of their traditional customer base,” explained Datexx President Mei Noguchi.  “Today’s travelers are increasingly traveling with a large number of mobile technology products, from smartphones to game players to MP3 music players, and all of these devices share one thing in common.  They use power!  Now luggage dealers can offer their power hungry consumers an extremely powerful and affordable charger as part of their travel accessory offerings.”

Underscoring her point, Noguchi said that Datexx was now shipping the new Sentina EnergyShot power charger to all 100 locations of the Sam Moon Group of luggage and gift stores.

Carrying a suggested retail price of only $20 and available for immediate purchase at, the remarkable new Sentina EnergyShot (Model BT-USB-AA) is the smart power solution for virtually every manufacturer of USB based cell phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), video games, and MP3 players.  Specifically, the Sentina uCharge works with the Apple iPhone®, iPod®, and iPod® Touch, as well as Android® based phones.  In all, the Sentina uCharge is compatible for use with most USB devices.

Measuring only 2-3/8” X 3-1/2” X 3/4”, the Sentina EnergyShot is designed to be the best performing USB charging device available at the most affordable price, stressed Mei Noguchi, President of Sentina.  “Other chargers in the same price category use two AA batteries that generate only 3V of power.  USB devices require 5V of power, so these other chargers have to resort to using an electronic circuit to elevate the voltage; it means the power loss is occurred in the process.  The Sentina EnergyShot utilizes four AA batteries, the needed power is provided directly to the USB devices, thus providing more power.”

Manufactured entirely out of recycled plastic, and powered by four AA batteries, the Sentina EnergyShot comes with a USB cable and an interchangeable power tip.  Additional power tips are available at

Headquartered in Kenilworth, New Jersey, Sentina™, a division of Teledex, Inc., is a leading manufacturer and marketer of innovatively designed, affordably priced consumer and business LED lighting solutions, household, travel and mobility products that are both energy and cost efficient.  For more than 15 years, the company has proudly met the needs of smart consumers seeking smarter living solutions.  To date, more than 20-million consumers have joined the Sentina family of satisfied customers.

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