Wednesday, July 13, 2011

When It Comes To Charging Cell Phones, It Helps To Be Specific

Specificity is important in every aspect of life, and that includes using a charging device tailored to the specific needs of each individual smartphone platform. Mizco International’s DIGIPOWER division today introduced the industry’s first Platform-Specific Smartphone Charging Kits, which provide the exact amount of power required for iPhone, Android and Blackberry platforms, allowing smartphone owners to charge up faster than ever.

Until today, virtually every universal charging device was designed to perform optimally for one smartphone platform —the iPhone. These charging devices will charge Android and Blackberry smartphones, but they do not provide the optimal amount of power and take longer than necessary to deliver a full charge. DIGIPOWER’s new platform-specific charging kits ensure that each smartphone’s power requirements are addressed individually and completely, and will fully charge smartphones much faster than other charging devices.

Available at all major retailers and online stores, the new DIGIPOWER line comes in Black with Green for the Android platform, Black with White for the Blackberry platform, and Black with Silver for the iPhone platform. The new DIGIPOWER line includes a Home & Car Kit that retails for $29.99, a Home Charger that retails for $24.99, a Car Charger that retails for $19.99, and a combination Power & Sound Kit featuring a set of ear bud headphones and a Home and Car charger that retails for $39.99.

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