Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sunfire Welcomes 75th Member to Flagship Dealer Program

Sunfire, a leader in the design and manufacture of hi-fidelity home theater audio products, today announced that Las Vegas-based Progressive Home has become the 75th member of its Flagship Dealer Program.

“We are excited to welcome Progressive Home as the 75th member of our nationwide family of flagship dealers,” said Mark Weisenberg, general manager of Sunfire. “Progressive Home learned that Sunfire Flagship products are optimized to perform in a system as our engineers intended. Actively demonstrating a 5.1 Sunfire XT System delivers the unique sonic experience of Sunfire, all out of the smallest form factors available. And once Progressive Home realized the added business value that the Flagship program delivers, they signed up. They are among a small group of elite dealers around the world that through the use of Sunfire XT products, come to understand the power of delivering unique, active, exciting audio demonstrations and the benefits gained by adopting this strategy.”

“Sunfire is incredibly innovative,” said Mike Lemke, president of Progressive Home. “They make products that really upgrade the industry and are on par with equipment that is much, much more expensive. Having flagship status sets us apart and shows customers that we’ve been recognized as a quality dealer.”

“The art and science of the demo has been declining over the years,” remarked Weisenberg. “The Flagship Program addresses this by motivating and incentivizing dealers to merchandise and actively demo complete 5.1 Sunfire XT systems in a consistent, professional manner. Dealers participating in the program maintain a system on active display, receive aggressive discounts and extended payment terms, realize increased profitability on the XT Flagship products, and gain exposure in the company’s national advertising campaigns as well as being referred to as the “best of the best” on Sunfire’s dealer locator on their web site.

“Everyone wins. As the consumer experiences a well-executed Sunfire demonstration, the value of Sunfire becomes obvious while the dealer becomes the authority in the market in the eyes of their clients. So Flagship Dealers win more bids, sell more audio, generating higher profits. Realizing profitable, sustainable growth in these tough economic conditions is good for everyone.

“The biggest asset for any dealer, besides their design expertise, is their ability to offer an exciting demo, which is why our Flagship Dealer Program aims to help our dealers provide the most impressive demos possible for each and every customer.”

The demo room itself is not limited to a one-size-fits-all system. There are a number of different options for the dealer to choose from, including in-wall, on-wall, on-shelf and bipole speaker setups. Progressive Home is utilizing multiple subwoofers in their system, which Sunfire considers the ideal setup for high-end home theaters.

When a dealer sells a complete Sunfire system, the company will even arrange for a special themed gift basket to be delivered to the customer, including popcorn, candy, and specially-made invitations for friends to come experience the new home theater. It’s an added touch that extends Sunfire’s Flagship Dealer support beyond the product, delivering unique value that today’s consumer appreciates.

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