Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The AVC Group Consolidates Sales Rep Network to Provide Dealers With 'One Source' Contact for ELAN®, Niles®, Xantech®, Sunfire® and Aton Brands®.

In a move designed to provide dealers with a single point of contact for its iconic custom installation brands, The AVC Group today announced the implementation of a new consolidated independent sales rep network that enables qualifying dealers to have ‘one source’ access to more than 1700 products and system solutions offered by its ELAN®, NILES®, Xantech®, Sunfire®, and ATON® brands.

According to Mark Terry, President of The AVC Group, the current network of 45 independent rep firms will now be reduced to 15 firms each of whom will carry all five of The AVC Group brands. It is expected that this new sales rep organization will maximize the effectiveness of the recently introduced AVC Advantage program, which combines focused, complementary brand offerings with automatic incentive, rebate, and support programs. “As a company we are totally committed to the business model of using independent sales rep firms as our front line sales force,” Terry emphasized. “The implementation of a consolidated rep organization is the next logical step forward in our long term plan to provide dealers with a greater array of opportunities to sell more system solutions to a larger and wider range of customers,” Terry said. “This new organization empowers dealers to meet more customer requirements than ever before, allowing them to offer a truly complete range of system and product offerings at every price point.”

In fact, according to Terry, the consolidated rep organization introduced today benefits every entity involved in the sales process — dealers, distributors, reps, and The AVC Group. For dealers, the new organization provides a single point of contact for all five AVC Group brands while allowing them to access bundled and tiered programs and incentives. “We will be able to provide our dealers and distributors with complete and complementary systems solutions — more than 1700 different products,” Terry emphasized. “Our dealers will now enjoy a greater, more powerful relationship with a single manufacturing partner.

For the sales reps in the new organization, the new structure delivers an entirely new level of efficiency with features such as one-stop training, one sales meeting, one commission check, and one business methodology. “At the same time,” Terry emphasized, “the new consolidated sales rep network offers reps the ability to finally offer every dealer a complete price performance range of solutions. Every dealer call they make will be much more likely to result in a sale and that reality will significantly increase their income.”

Finally, for The AVC Group the new structure allows the Group to make sure it always has “A” level reps in every single sales territory. It also allows the Group to more effectively develop and implement a long-term systems solution product strategy that benefits all of its dealers while ensuring that the Group’s brands are not squeezed out of a channel or used to leverage a competitor. “It also allows us to act quicker in the market, offer more comprehensive training and be more efficient with our resources. The bottom line is that everyone benefits, including the customer and that’s the most important priority for all of us.”

While the implementation of a consolidated independent sales rep network bodes well for the future of The AVC Group, dealers, and consumers, it is a significant change that does affect some long established relationships. “Unfortunately this type of action requires that we part company with many extremely qualified, talented and loyal Reps through no fault of their own. I want to thank these firms for their many contributions over the years. Without their effort and success, our brands would not be the leaders that they are today. I wish each and every one of these firms continued success in the future.”

The new independent sales rep organization is comprised of the following firms: Audio Associates Corporation (South Plainfield, NJ), Electronic Marketing Associates (Raytown, MO), High-Tech Network (Smyrna, GA), Market Share Inc. (Bellevue, WA), New Age Marketing (Manvel, TX), ProMark Marketing (Santa Clarita, CA), RS Pro Sales, LLC (Cincinnati, OH), SLAMCO (Chanhassen, MN), Sound Tech Marketing (Golden, CO), Tandem Marketing, Inc. (Elk Grove Village, IL), The Jarmac Group (Taunton, MA), TWC Michigan, Inc. (Trenton, MI), and Zone Pacific Sales (Sacramento, CA).

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