Monday, August 8, 2011

NanoLumens' Flex Display Technology Named 2011 Breakthrough Technology of The Year By TechAmerica Foundation

Following on the heels of the market introduction of an expanded line of its NanoLumens Flex LED displays, NanoLumens today announced that it has received the 2011 American Technology Award in the category of Breakthrough Technology from the TechAmerica Foundation, handily defeating Microsoft’s Kinect device. The awards were presented in June at the ninth annual TechAmerica Foundation Technology and Government Dinner, which continued its legacy as a premier Washington, D.C. networking event bringing hundreds of industry, congressional and government leaders together at one venue to celebrate the partnership between industry and government.

NanoLumens, a five-year-old privately-held corporation based in Norcross, Georgia, designs and manufactures patented, ultra-lightweight, energy efficient Flex LED displays in virtually every size and shape that conform to fit the shape of any surface. The technology promises to shatter the traditional usage limitations of large format displays. NanoLumens Flex display technology makes any wall, column, ceiling or window the perfect marketing and video display vehicle.

“In receiving the 2011 American Technology Award for our NanoLumens Flex display technology, we are proud to be recognized as an innovative company with a breakthrough product,” said Rick Cope, President & CEO of NanoLumens. “By combining our ability to produce flexible LED displays in any shape and size with a lower cost of ownership, reduced energy consumption, simplified installation procedure and infinite usage and placement possibilities, our Flex Display Technology represents the future of display technology for all commercial and governmental applications.”

The American Technology Award is the latest honor bestowed upon the company and its Flex Display Technology, which was also featured in Entrepreneur magazine as a 2011 future-proof tech trend and was cited by the Wall Street Journal in its 2010 Technology Innovations Awards.

First introduced in 2010, the NanoLumens LED Flex Display remains the only solution of its kind. It conforms to fit any surface, is thin, lightweight, and energy efficient, and can be mounted as easily as a work of art. The revolutionary NanoLumens LED Flex Display shatters the traditional usage limitations of large format LED displays.

According to Cope, the company’s flexible LED displays eliminate the structural requirements and limitations of traditional large format displays because they are so lightweight, and they are bright enough for any application while consuming significantly less energy than other display technologies.

NanoLumens’ LED Flex Displays can conform to concave and convex surfaces and even wrap around columns. They are made from seamless modules that introduce for the first time the possibilities of displaying in shapes other than squares and rectangles. At less than two inches thick, a 112-inch display weighs less than 90 pounds, making installation as easy as hanging a wall tapestry. By simplifying installation and lowering energy consumption, NanoLumens displays can drastically cut the cost of adding and maintaining a large format display for any application. And because all NanoLumens displays are sealed, fan-less, waterproof and dustproof, they are robust and durable. Compared with other current display technologies, LED technology is brighter, offers higher contrast and saturation, has a longer lifespan and can be repaired much more easily.

NanoLumens Flex Displays offer retail outlets, corporations, hotels, A/V rental companies, malls, transportation centers, stadiums and arenas of all sizes the world’s first lightweight, energy-efficient and completely configurable flexible display solution. The displays are the ideal solution for creating effective out-of-home advertising, exciting and unique trade show exhibits, and turning walls into digital architecture in corporate lobbies or at hotels and airports.

The company’s select installations include a curved-wall installation at NASCAR Media Television Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina, and an outdoor display at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. In addition, the company’s technology has been recognized by Entrepreneur magazine as a 2011 future-proof tech trend and was cited by The Wall Street Journal in its 2010 Technology Innovations Awards.

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