Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Travelocity® Roaming Gnome® Now Brings Music to Your Ears

For years the Travelocity® Roaming Gnome® has been recognized far and wide as being synonymous with authentic travel and value. Now the iconic Roaming Gnome takes a giant leap forward into the age of mobile technology with the introduction of the first line of Travelocity Travel Comfort Buds headphones!

Available exclusively from Mizco International under a licensing agreement, the new Travelocity Travel Comfort Buds, which come with a Travelocity Roaming Gnome cord manager and “comfort fit” earbuds, are available at leading retailers nationwide for a suggested retail price of only $9.99. The headphones are available in four versions of the Roaming Gnome: the original Roaming Gnome®, Swimmer Gnome, Saxophone Gnome and a Travel for Good® Gnome. Travelers can easily afford to purchase the entire collection and wear each gnome as their mood changes!

The headphones feature new comfort fit technology, as well as a clip fastener for hassle-free enjoyment and easy storage. The Travelocity Travel Comfort Buds can be used on the go and are compatible with smartphones, laptops, and any device with a headphone connection. Travelocity fans are sure to delight in these collectable, well-designed travel earphones, and will love showing them off on their next adventure.

The Roaming Gnome cord manager is made of flexible rubber and conveniently holds excess cord, while the clip fastener secures the cord and clips to shirts or bags. The comfort fit technology and cord management system are designed with travelers of all ages in mind, to ensure safe, comfortable and hassle-free enjoyment of their music.

"Only Travelocity could offer consumers a complete series of collectable, high performance earbud headphones that feature the world famous Roaming Gnome in a variety of styles," explained David Strumeier, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Travelocity Accessories at Mizco International. "The result is a new concept for the headphone category — a true collector's series that is certain to prove to be hugely popular among travelers in general and Travelocity fans in particular."

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