Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mizco Now Delivering Expanded Line of Travelocity® Travel and Mobile Tech Accessories

Marking the second year of its category licensing agreement with Travelocity, Mizco International today announced the immediate market availability of a new Platinum Series of Travelocity branded travel and mobile technology accessories that prominently feature the famous Roaming Gnome®. Mizco Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, David Strumeier, introduced the newly expanded line of premium travel products.

“When Travelocity joined forces with Mizco in January 2010 it marked the first time this iconic travel brand had ever joined forces with a marketer of high quality mobile technology and travel accessory products,” explained Strumeier. “The product line has proven itself in a retail environment with many of our partners. Today, we are expanding our business partnership with the introduction of a new premium line of Travelocity products, the Travelocity Platinum Series. This product line features a wider array of both technology and non-technology related accessory products.“

Available for immediate delivery, the new Travelocity Platinum Series includes Roaming Gnome Travel Comfort Bud headphones, Travel Book Mark and Book Lights, Travel Tech Kit and International Travel Tech Kits, each in two versions for iPhone/iPod or Smartphone users, and Travel Tech Accessory Bags, among others.

“The new Travelocity Platinum Series really fills out the Travelocity line from Mizco,” Strumeier emphasized. “It provides our dealers with a completely integrated range of travel products, from low tech to high tech, at price points that will make them stand-out as impulse buys with all of their travel loving customers. For millions of traveling enthusiasts, the association with Travelocity has become a badge of honor. They simply love to show off their Travelocity Roaming Gnome. Our expanded line of Travelocity products allows them to do that in a wide variety of ways.”

According to Strumeier, Mizco retailers who carry the Travelocity line will benefit immediately from the power of the Travelocity brand name. “The Travelocity name is one of the most highly recognized and regarded consumer brand names in business today. It is a brand that stands for advocacy, innovation and fun. Our relationship with Travelocity now brings these attributes to the product category. When consumers purchase our Travelocity branded products, they travel with the Roaming Gnome prominently featured on both the product and/or the product packaging. This adds tremendous power to the sell-through potential of our products at retail.”

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