Friday, November 30, 2012

NanoLumens NanoFlex Displays Provide Live Video At Ontario's 2012 Remembrance Day Ceremony

When APG Displays was asked to once again provide the right state-of-the-art video display solution to compellingly present the proceedings of the 2012 Remembrance Day ceremony in Toronto, the leading Canadian display rental company didn’t have to think long about the decision.  They immediately turned to the same company they relied upon for the 2011 Remembrance Day ceremony — NanoLumens, for its 112” NanoFlex™ displays.

APG Displays, NanoLumens’ exclusive Canadian Distributor, provided its trade partner Mediaco with two NanoFlex displays to use at the November 11 ceremony in downtown Toronto. The very same NanoLumens display solution was used for the 2011 ceremony.

Remembrance Day, also known as Armistice Day, is a memorial day that honors all veterans by remembering their selfless courage and commitment on the anniversary of the end of World War I. The ceremony took place at the Ontario Veterans Memorial on November 11 and featured a speech by Dalton McGuinty, the Premier of Ontario.

According to APG Displays Vice President David Weatherhead, the decision to bring back the NanoFlex displays was an easy one. “Everyone, from Mediaco to the ceremony attendees, absolutely loved the NanoFlex displays last year, so it only made sense that we would provide the same stunning displays for the 2012 ceremony. The NanoFlex displays can be set up and taken down quickly, and they provide attendees with an incredibly bright, crisp image resolution, making it possible for the entire crowd to get a great look at everything taking place up front. In the end, everyone was happy to see the NanoFlex displays return.”

According to Josh Byrd, Director of Marketing at NanoLumens, “Our NanoFlex 112” displays are the ideal solution for this type of event, with their signature combination of brilliant image quality and ease of installation and operation. We’re happy to have our revolutionary technology utilized for this ceremony and we hope to be asked back in 2013!”

NanoLumens displays are extremely slim, ultra-lightweight, energy efficient, and feature a bright, seamless, high resolution picture quality that can be viewed from any angle throughout the display horizon without color shift or image distortion. The company’s patented display technology, which allows customers to select from 4mm up to 10mm pixel pitch (depending on the model), promises to transform the way marketers engage their customers in every type of trade show, retail, hospitality, stadium, arena, transportation and public event environment.

NanoLumens displays are designed and engineered with the environment in mind, and consume significantly less energy per square foot than conventional digital displays. Further emphasizing their commitment to eco-friendly technology, NanoLumens displays are composed of up to 50 percent reclaimed materials, and are completely recyclable.  What’s more, some NanoLumens displays can be serviced from the front, making maintenance easier than ever before possible.

Designed and assembled in the United States, NanoLumens displays are offered in standard configurations as well as design-specific configurations to fit virtually any size, shape or curvature in both the
NanoFlex line of flexible displays and the NanoSlim line of fixed frame displays.

The company’s technology has been named ‘Best LED Product’ of the year by Rental & Staging magazine in its 2012 INFOCOMM Product Awards Program, as well as being recognized by Entrepreneur magazine as a 2011 future-proof tech trend and cited by The Wall Street Journal in its 2010 Technology Innovations Awards.  NanoLumens’ technology also received the 2011 Breakthrough Technology of the Year Award at the American Technology Awards.  Digital Signage Magazine awarded the NanoLumens NanoFlex a 2011 DIGI Award for “Best New Display Device – Non-LCD or Plasma.”

About NanoLumens®:
Headquartered in Norcross, Georgia, NanoLumens, Inc. ( is a privately held corporation engaged in the research, product development, marketing and sales of unique flexible and fixed large-format LED display solutions in any size, shape, or curvature, that address a yawning technology gap in the $14 billion digital display industry.  Since its founding in 2006, NanoLumens has built a portfolio of more than 20 international families of issued and filed patents on its flexible display technology that effectively address the commercial market void between relatively small flat-panel displays and huge, limited application LED boards. NanoLumens technology is not constrained by standard sizes and shapes, or by the weight, noise and cost issues traditionally associated with commercial LED products.

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